23 March 05


James from Bath sent me a book, but, two weeks ago, the prison didn't want to give it to me.
"SuicideGirls," the property officer said, "is probably being held because of its title. We don’t want inmates getting suicidal ideas do we?”

Then, last week, after the book had passed the censors, I was called back to Property to pick it up, and the property officer said, “Don’t be showin’ the inmates this book. They’ll want to dress up like the girls in there, and we have enough of that going on as it is.”

From Property, I hurried back to my cell. I opened the book and what did I see? Stylish pics of goth-punks - tattooed, pierced, collared, and lingerie-clad.
I read some of the journal entries. I sympathised with SG Al whose “head feels old and tired when reading Kant”. Don’t worry Al, what you experienced is a normal reaction. When I was in
the Madison Street jail I often fantasized about destroying Kant’s Critique Of Pure Reason. I wanted to lob the book against the wall, stomp on it, tear the pages out and flush them down the toilet. Kant should have heeded Descartes first condition of infallibility: ideas must be clear.

SG Lola likes to eat curry and listen to Aphex Twin - two things that I enjoyed in my past life. Indian buffets were my daily breakfast, and my friend, DJ Sketchnician, used to entertain me with the Aphex Twin video with the creepy midgets in it. SG Sicily wrote:"...my plants have all died and my cat ran away in search of food… I no longer eat, nor drink water and sleep is wholly unnecessary. I think I am slowly acquiring super-powers due to my extreme abstinence…”

Other than the woman-on-woman photos, which were all superb, my favourite shot was Mane sporting a blonde mohawk, a dog collar and fishnet stockings.

The brain behind the SGs is Missy Suicide. She has used the Internet to circumvent conventional channels, thus helping prevent the total Hollywoodization of womankind. Baywatch babes may be beautiful but so are the SGs.

The inmates are lining up to see the book.

Good lookin’ out, James from Bath!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
I really like your blog. I'm sorry tho- that you have to go through this. I
am wondering why you are locked up? I lived in AZ for awhile and am familiar
with Sherrif Joe's iron fist.
Your blog on SG's was very insightful. I love Missy, too. I'm glad the girls
cheer you up.
Love, Suicide Girl, Satanica

Anonymous said...

Um, hmmm, I know a thing or two about jails ... and blogs, being Suzy_Kabloozy on Suicide Girls ... but I never mixed the two. I'm gonna have to read more and come back. Can you really receive email? Can you answer email?
I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

ah! Jon you've discovered yet another pasttime of the prophet- been a member of SG.com for a little while now and I fall in love every other day I visit =)

Kathy said...

Hello Jon,
Your Blog is very informative and creative. Keep up the Good Work!!
Im sorry I don't know much about the Suicide Girls, but I am glad you find enjoyment with them. God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

atty its tomo from farnworth ill write to you soon ive only just found out ,ive been away what the fucks gone on