15 Sept 07

Kat (Part 5)

I asked Kat to reveal the freakiest sex that goes on in prison.
“Do you know about the old man who fell on a shampoo bottle?” Kat asked.
“No,” I said.
“He had to go to hospital to have it taken out. He was trying to sit on it for sexual pleasure, and he fell backwards.”
“I heard of a three-way that went on in an open dorm with two queens and a guy.”
“Who did what to who?”
“Use your imagination. There was a queen giving blow jobs through a fence.”
“Glory-hole style?”
“No. You could see both people. That was at Winslow.”
“Did she charge?”
“She was a prostitute on the streets. So maybe.”
“How much would a blow job through the fence cost?”
“I don’t think we’re talking big bucks here are we?” Kat laughed. “I have no idea how they arrange all of that. I know of a gay guy who gave a blow job for a Honey Bun.”
“How much were Honey Buns back then?”
“Thirty-five cents.”
“That’s a Wal-Mart-priced blow job! Cheap DSLs.”
“But the trick ate half of the Honey Bun before giving it to the gay guy.”
“How rude!” I said.
“Maybe the trick got hungry or the blow job wasn’t worth a whole Honey Bun.”
“Wow! I stand corrected. It was a seventeen-and-a-half-cent blowjob. One of the cheapest. And when was this?”
“Have prices gone up since then?”
“No. Blow jobs are mostly free now. Nowadays inmates do it for sexual gratification.”
“So it’s free and nearly everyone’s at it?”
“Yes. Guys getting blow jobs off gay guys has been going on forever in prison.”
“No wonder my buddy Frankie always had a smile on his face.”
“Go figure, Jon.”
Kat left another W Magazine. Eva Mendes in Max Azria. Eugenia Silva in Armani Prive. Sasha Pivovarova sporting a cotton and Lycra spandex swimsuit by http://www.chloe.com/ and a coating of Sampar Winsome Body Go Figure Slimming Gel – essential when baring all.

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