Why I Refunded Jamie Morgan Kane’s Donation Pages


Unknown said...

Good job refunding the donations, it was a kind and correct gesture. But dude, you have to distance yourself from creature. 'Kane' is a complete fraud. It was obvious from the beginning. I understand how you were introduced to him and how he showed you his documents. Most people would be fooled by them too. But don't hang onto any hopes that he might be telling the truth Shipley is a pro. The Navy don't give him access to the Seal database for nothing. He uses freedom of information act like the rest of us for non-Seal investigations, but for Seals, he has specially access. That alone should be enough. I don't agree with how he was harsh towards you (a good guy, striving for change and reform), ,but from the outside it looked really bad. It looked like you were fine with profiting from fraud and lies. But your explanation of funding podcast makes sense. The donation refund was a good move. Now distance yourself from this guy and blast him.
..Nothing would make me more happy than if Kane was prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act. I am not american, so I don't understand how it works. But I do know that there is an actual law regarding stolen valor now. His claims were SO outrageous and the fact that he embarrassed you, makes me want to see him pay for his idiocy. Blast the guy. It is too bad that you won't be able to send him a bill and have him pay for all of the money he will have cost you after all of this is over.
..Anyway, keep up the good work. I am a supporter of you. I don't agree with everything you say or do. But we all can't agree on everything. You seem to think that all inmates are victims. That is my biggest gripe with you. Anyway, take care and good luck.

Troutbum said...

Hi Shaun,

This was a smart move! It is always good to enlighten the public when something like this happens. It helps curb the mass of incorrect conclusions that can occur.

My question is this: Why haven't you taken down the interview with Mr. Kane? I found your site here from a link in the Youtube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMNh_ZPocE4.



hamsandwich said...

I can't say for sure Jamie/John is telling the truth or not. The raw information is difficult to make a decision from for me. However, I would not say Shipley is a professional.. at least he doesn't act professional. I find him grating and irritating for the most part. I wish we could get some updates though. It feels like the story just ended so abruptly and there has got to be more to it.

anyway just my thoughts.

Stelaw said...

Shaun you knew this guy was a liar and everyone can see the video where you are mugging people off for commenting about the lack of lies. It is not your first guest who claims to have wiped out the brotherhood you had some jobless welfare dependant obese alcoholic you call wildman spewing wild nonsense about smashing this one and that one then taking over this and that very close to the unbelievable dross a reader of your novels will be inflicted to. You can not be trusted your word means nothing and your insulting of your supporters intelligence is disgraceful and wholly unpalatable. Your platform would have grown with truth and honesty yet you chose the get rich quick avenue of these nausea inducing ridiculous fairy stories. Shame on you Shaun you have brought to life the phrase a leopard never changed his spots and in a repeat of history you have gone from hawking ecstasy and tall tales for easy enrichment to hawking books videos and podcasts bursting with tall tales again for quick easy enrichment when a more enduring legacy could have been your just for the want of some effort. Goodbye Shaun you have wasted enough of our precious time.

Anonymous said...

i dont know if kane is a fraud or not.
possible it is. ofc that makes a donation page kinda fraudulent so thats a real issue there.

however, it seems that all accusations are only based on that well known stolen valor hunter. and sorry to say that but this guy has his own issues.

while we can discuss under which extend stolen valor is really a crime (actually by US law its only if you use it for personal gain like money) but that guy not only thinks he is one man police judge and jury but also that common criminal laws doesnt apply to him.

also he does all this for personal gain, not real justice. thats why he needs a youtube channel to report how he camps outside the house of a family and harrass the whole family because he smells a stolen valor...

so i wouldnt call him a trustworthy source at all, specially to keep "his" seals clean (a seal sitting in prison oh no cant be)

my real issue with that guy is that while he claims todo all his life service to the country and blabla that guy dont understand the consitution, or that soliders never have the right to play any executive role in civil live. he is under the impressions as an exsoldier having special rights above anyone else.

so sorry but mr shipley should be taken that serious
besides he remove that video which makes me even more curious