24 Feb 05


I decided to give my digestive system a rest by fasting. I haven’t eaten for fourteen hours. I'm hungry and there’s a strange taste in my mouth.

My fast was long overdue. I haven’t fasted since I was a guest at the Madison Street Jail (see blog entry 08/04/04). I only have ten more hours to go to make a day and then I will shovel peanut butter into my mouth.


Anonymous said...

I admire your will power Jon. I could do with trying to cut down the food intake myself. One of my daughters does a 24hr one for Action Aid, and seems to thrive on it. I am having trouble lately controlling my passion hunger for chocolate. I love peanut butter, but I have to take in small quantities because of high fat content.
Best wishes
Terry Bates and family

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, I just did a water fast for 6 days, I ate on easter. After the first day the enzymes that normally go to your stomach go into your intestines and bloddstream, clearing out all the toxic stuff. The first day is the worst - headaches, but it gets better after that. You really don't get hungry. I could have continued the fast but my wife didn't want me to. The ex-Chicago dj Jonothan Brandmeier had some ex-cons on his show talking about making 'pruno' from orange peels and stuff. Do you do that?

Anonymous said...


Kicks ass you were able to fast like that for at least 24 hours. I've went about six days without food and it does make you feel better. I bet you could probably do three or four days after you've done it for a day if you've got decent willpower. I know what you mean about that strange as hell taste you get in your mouth, I dont know what it is. It tastes like battery metal or stale saliva. Drink juice and it temporarily gets rid of it and it leaves altogether after day 3. You end up losing a pound per day too so I would say go for it again.