31 March 05

Bon Voyage Balls

One of the strangest prison stories I've heard is about an attempt by a man named Graham to convert himself into a woman named Gina. Equipped with a razor blade, needle, thread and a cigarette lighter, Gina....

Let's hear Xena tell the story.

“Xena, tell me what happened with Gina and the sex change?”
“She," said Xena, who refers to prison transsexuals as women,"wanted to have a vagina on the streets [outside of prison] but they wouldn’t giver her a sex-change op because she’s a felon. She would have had to wait somethin’ like seven or eight years without committing a crime before they’d do the op.”
“So she ended up back in prison and she decided to take matters into her own hands?”
“Yeah, she cut her nuts off and flushed ‘em down the toilet.”
“Wait a minute. How did she manage to do that in a prison cell?”
“She cut open her sack like this [Xena drew a circle with a vertical line down one side] and severed her vas deferens with a razor blade.”
“What’s the vas deferens?”
“It’s a vein, nerves and a tube that carries the sperm, it’s attached to the balls. She cut that, popped her nuts out, and flushed them down the toilet.”
“So the vas deferens is like a branch holding the nuts in the sack?”
“Yes. The branch was severed. The nuts were free.”
“Then she used a cigarette lighter to cauterize the wound and a sewing needle and thread from inmate hobbycraft to stitch herself up.”
“But she messed it up and got caught? Got caught performing the sex change on herself?”
“Yeah, the wound got infected.”
“She was wheeled out on a stretcher. She was all strapped down,” String Bean said.
“So, was she happy with the job?”
“Kinda. She said that she had lost a lot of weight and now that the nuts are gone she overheats a lot.”
“What about her penis? Does she still have one?”
“Yeah, and she still gets erections. She doesn’t like erections.”
“What gives her erections?”
“She gets excited suckin’ someone’s penis or takin’ it in the butt. She doesn’t like the erections though, she wants to have a vagina.”
“Is the empty scrotum sack dangling down there?”
“The sack’s shrunk quite a bit and she gets sensations where the sack is at. She’d be much happier with a vagina.”
“Do you want to have a vagina, Xena?”
“We’re all gonna get vaginas - fuck it! I wanna get a vagina on my right hand, that way my fingers won’t get tired. I’ll be able to fuck someone with my hand and tickle their balls at the same time.”
Xena stood up, bumped my shoulder with her hip, licked her right armpit, and sat back down.
“I don’t really wanna vagina, but I do believe that if someone wants to change themselves or their lifestyle, and that will make them a better member of society, they should be free to choose those changes.”
“How do they make the penis into a vagina?”
“They slice the penis in half and fold it into the body.”
“But they can’t get their rocks off then can they?” String Bean asked.
“Kinda. The incoming penis would rub against the prostrate and they get the same pleasure as getting’ fucked in the ass but just from the other side.”
“Would it look like a pussy?” String Bean asked.
“Yes. They take the urinal tract and they place it to look like a clit and it works the same way.”
“But the clitoris contains highly sensitive nerve endings?”
“And there’s nerves in the prostrate.”
“That cause jollies?”
“That cause jollies. Yes!”
“OK. We’ll leave it at that. Thanks for the info Xena!”

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Anonymous said...

Addendum for ya:

The head of the penis is the man's version of the clitoris. In the case of hermaphrodites the line between clitoris and penis is often blurred and most hermaphrodites end up with some sort of in-between member which is usually clipped back into a clitoris within the first few years of life, "to save them the anguish of trying to fit into society". (and they are also promptly put on a cocktail of female hormones for their entire childhood to seal the sex choice/ sex change. Sex change docs recognize this and use the head of the penis to construct the clitoris. As was already stated, the shaft is reconstructed into the labia and the new vaginal opening is constructed in such a way as to allow stimulation of the prostate from the anterior side.

Thus, male to female sex change technology is getting pretty good, even though they have yet to tackle the actual reproductive organs yet. Female to male is quite another story, however...

Anonymous said...

I have just found Jon's journal and I think it's incredible that he has the stamina to sanity to keep it up.
I was just wondering when the last post was? The latest one that I can see was posted on Wednesday, March 9th and it's now the second week of April. Is it just me and my complete lack of any computer skills, or is that really the last post? I'd like to follow him through his prison time.
Thank you,

Jon said...

Regular readers of the blog will know that Jon does not have internet or computer access and that his blogs are hand written and mailed to the UK for posting. That is the reason for the differences which occur in dating the blogs.
Thank you for the many emails and comments...
Jon's parents.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, i think they are wonderful, your inmates ;D amazing what they can make up in their imagination!
greeting from Poland

Jon said...

Julia, as a lot of Jon's fellow inmates get to see the blog printed out and sent to them, he can't make things up.
As you know truth is often stranger than fiction...
Jon's parents

Anonymous said...

Firstly a minor anatomical point... what s/he actually cut was the spermatic cord... not the vas deferens...

Secondly, I don't even pretend to understands what motivates someone to do that. It was a dead cert he would end up with a life threatening infection.

It smacks of self hatred/self harm and is yet another graphic illustration of the lack of respect for physical and mental health in penal (no pun intended :) ) institutions...

On another note entirely.. I find it kind of unbelievable.. you sure it is not just urban legend?

Keep up the good work.. still reading even if, shamefully I have not written yet...


Anonymous said...

Hello from the UK, I first heard about you through the Guardian feature a couple of years back. I go back to your site to check up on things every so often. It's always interesting.
By the way, knowing you are an old raver, someone sent me this link
it's a load of old rave mixtapes from the glory days of the english scene, you may appreciate it or you may not, anyhow, chin up and I hope you stay bouyant.

Anonymous said...

To those who think that the things Jon writes, is all made up....Your completely wrong. I know Jon, and I also know others in prison. Things like this happen everyday, in prison. Things like this, and things that are even weirder and stranger, also happen in prison.
There are many, many men in prisons, that believe they are a woman. You have to call them by their female name. They will do anything to actually become that woman.
Jon has a lot more to do, than to make up stories. When he writes a "story" he lets you know.
When something like this occurs in the prison, people wanna know. So when an interesting even occurs, Jon gives us all the details.
Things like this happen to people everyday, that are not incarcerated. What makes you think that this stuff would not occur in a prison??? Think about it.

RobMoritz said...

Hi Shaun,

I'm wondering why people's posts don't show a date, but only a time. So I'm writing to see what shows up on my comments on your blog entry of some time past.