30 July 05

Bonanno’s DeConcini Bomber Confesses

In 2004 Enric Volante of the Arizona Star interviewed Two Tonys at the Buckeye prison about some bombings that occurred in Tucson attributable to the Mafia and a renegade FBI agent named David Olin Hale. Due to the circumstances of the interview Two Tonys did not reveal everything that he knew. Here is my conversation with Two Tonys, who confesses to bombing the Tucson residence of Evo DeConcini, a Superior Court Judge and father of Senator DeConcini.

“Who bombed DeConcini?”
“I did. I bombed his carport while he was eatin’ dinner.”
“Who had you do the bombing?”
Salvatore ‘Bill’ Bonanno. He gave me two packages. He said, 'I’d appreciate it if you would deliver one to DeConcini’s address (but I didn’t know it was his address at the time – I wish I had o’ fuckin’ known) and one to Wig Beauty Salon.'”
“Why did Bill Bonanno want DeConcini bombed?”
“DeConcini had been a friend of Bonanno – even a character witness for him. When the Bonannos got bad press, DeConcini drifted away from them.”
“Why did Bonanno want the Wig Salon bombed?”
“Because Charles Antionic – the owner of the Wig – was bangin’ Charles Battaglia’s wife. Battaglia was a Bonanno lieutenant.”
“Mafia Bosses, Joseph Bonanno Sr. and Peter Licavoli Sr., were both bombed. What happened there?”
“David Hale, an FBI agent who thought he was an avenging angel, hired two nutty kids, Dunlap and Stevens, to do those bombings. He was tryin’ to start a war between the Licavolis and the Bonannos. He even tried to hire me to whack all of the Bonannos at a restaurant.”
“How did he intend to pull that off?”
“Hale hired Walter Prideaux who was pissed at the Bonannos because they wouldn’t let his high-rise building go up. The Bonannos must have had some juice with zoning. Prideaux was to set up a meeting with the Bonannos at a restaurant. And when Joe Sr. and Bill and Pete Magadino (their driver) showed up, one of my guys across the parking lot with an AR-15 was to shoot them down, and I was to put one in each of their heads with a twelve-gauge shotgun. I was paid ten thousand dollars. We were practicing with the guns and everythin’. Then they decided not to do it. Hale got scared. I kept the ten thousand.”
“How did Hale get away with all of this?”
“W. Mark Felt –Deep Throat - told Hoover not to investigate Hale.”
“So the FBI director knew what Hale was up to?”
“Yeah. He gave the mother-fucker a pass”

Copyright © 2004-2005 Shaun P. Attwood

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Anonymous said...

How does it go now?
"One banana, two banana, three banana, four...."

Chris Hawthorne said...

Are you not worried that by printing that publicly, you are endangering your friend?

Jon said...

Chris, these events happened 40 years ago, most of the characters are dead (or in prison) - 'Two Tonys' is not his real name (although he wanted me to use his real name). Also he gave his full permission and wanted to be on the blog,
thanks for the comment,
Cheers! Jon

Chris Hawthorne said...

Cool. Wasn't really having a dig, just watched too many DeNiro films I think!