18 Jan 07


Howls and wolf whistles outside of my cell announced Kat's arrival. Kat opened the door, and batted his long eyelashes as if he were striking a pose for a Mabeline ad. Turning towards his admirers, he waved and blew kisses, before coming in.
“That was my Marilyn Monroe wave,” Kat said.
“Just look at those teeth,” I said.
“They’re my Farrah Fawcett teeth,” said Kat.
“So whose are the brows?”
“Angelina Jolie’s. And not’s let forget my Cindy Crawford beauty mark.” Kat pointed to a mole below his left cheek.
Xena spoke highly of you,” I said.
“I love Xena! She’s such a crazy person, you know, she’s so out there in her own way. If she wants to express something she doesn’t hold back.”
“Xena’s not one to hold back. So how can I help you, Kat?”
“I’ve got a question for you?”
“OK. What is it?”
“Did you tell someone you had a crush on me?”

To be continued…

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Anonymous said...

Yikes! Don't leave us in suspense!


Anonymous said...

That just ain't fair!

Anonymous said...

There's no way! Hes totally got it for Royo.. Thats hilarious!