28 May 07

Bon Voyage Balls (Part 2)

I'd heard of transsexuals in prison cutting off their own testes. And today I finally met one of them: Gina, who Xena told us about in Bon Voyage Balls. Gina looks like a woman. He has long black hair down to his waist, black eyeliner tattooed around brown eyes, a beauty mark like Marilyn Monroe’s, B-cup breasts (which may be about to increase in size pending oestrogen therapy), a twenty-six-inch waist, and long nails.

“England,” BHF said, “Meet Gina.”
“The famous Gina!” I said. “Well how do you do?”
“Very well,” Gina said in a convincing female voice. “I need to tell you I’m an Anglophile.”
“So you like all things English.”
“Yes. And your accent is making me feel like I’m talking to G3 in his coronation robes.”
“The pleasure is mutual. You’re quite the legend. Can I ask how you became an Anglophile?”
“Yes. It started with the connection I feel we Yanks have with you across the pond. My history lessons as a child were my first exposure to British royalty. When I first saw a drawing of George the Third in his coronation garb, I was hooked. The crown, the robe - ohh la la!” Gina rolled his eyes.“I knew I was an Anglo at heart, and tracing my family tree revealed that England is the home of my ancestors. Another exposure was when they taught us about the colonies and independence. From the start I’ve loved America, but it’s England that I fell in love with.”
“Back to your story that Xena helped me blog: some of the readers doubted that you did what you did. And I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what motivated you to cut off your balls?”

…to be continued

I’m hoping that readers – especially those who doubted Gina’s story – will post some questions and comments for Gina.

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Don said...

This is going to be good! Can't wait to part 3.

Anonymous said...

Holy Freaking cow. I do remember self mutilation while locked up...but to go Edward Scissor hands on your own sack...whoa homie! That's going to be interesting. Let's hear it dog. -Jose in SD

Anonymous said...

Ok...two things...Ewwww and Ouch!!

I would like to ask the Glorious Gina(GG)how in the hell were you able to endure all that pain without fainting or screaming?

Do you still get hair growth in that area?

Do you feel more feminine after your snip?

Ok so maybe I'm a little wierd for asking these but I'm curious as I have never in my life heard of a person going to this extreme to be more feminine.

Thanks for answering and look forward to hearing more stories from GG!

Jessica N Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Gina I'm a real fan. You sound so so sexy. I'm tuned in for more of your stories.
luv ya Gina

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

I guess my question would be-when did you feel psychologically that you really were more female than male? Did you grow up that way? And how do you feel now that physically you've taken that incredibly painful step-did it help you?