30 June 07

The Royo Romance (10)

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“How come Royo Girl hasn’t been visitin’ lately?” T-Bone asked.
“She’s found someone else,” I said. “I can’t blame her. How can I be there for her when I’m stuck in here?”
“It’s because you haven’t stepped up to the plate.”
“What are you on about?”
“I forgot, they don’t play baseball in England, they play cricket. You need to stick it in her wicket: tell her how you truly feel about her.”
“When I did that last summer she backed away.”
“And so did you back away. You need to tell her to leave lover-boy alone, and to get back down here so you can give her a bit of old English know-how.”
“I can’t satisfy her needs from in here though can I?”
“It doesn’t matter. She’s fascinated with you. If she’s with someone else it’s just 'cause it’s convenient for the moment.”
“I can’t expect her to put her life on hold for me.”
“She already did, obviously. She’s been comin’ to see you.”
“Yeah, but she’s been keeping her options open.”
“Has she found a yoga expert who can get into positions and ticklin’ her thang?”
“No, but at the last visit she said she’s getting bored with the English accent, and thinking about moving onto the Australian one.”
“She really said that?”
“She’s tryin’ to push your button, tryin’ to tell you somethin’.”
“Like what?”
“Step up to the plate. She’s wantin’ to hear it. How many times did she visit you?”
“Maybe half a dozen or so.”
“She’s in love with you then.”
“How do you figure?”
“For her to be messin’ around with a guy in the joint like that she’s gotta be up to somethin’ serious.”
“I dunno.”
“At least you’re not thinkin’ with your thang – but I think you may have stepped on it. Do you love her?”
“In a way. I was ready to marry her last summer.”
“Then tell her.”
“Are you still looking for a woman with a little junk in the trunk?”
“Yeah. One with meat on her bones. The kind that’d shake you off. I’ve got somethin’ to work with see.” T-Bone raised his hands, and held them about a foot apart.
“What kind of mind are you looking for in a woman?”
“Stable-minded. Believes in a one-man relationship. Well-read. Not afraid to do the hump a few times a day.”
“I asked you about minds. See how quickly you reduced it to the hump.”

Conversation to be continued.

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Diary of an Irish Woman said...

There's a story re going down the street and you keep falling into a hole. Even though you know that the hole is there and try to avoid it, you keep falling into it. Eventually you learn you need to go down a different street. I'd advise the same for romance right now. You know you're leaving the country, and you know that you needed to change your pattern of behavior that landed you in the mess. While you've had the chance to reflect and change many core behaviors, romance is and has to be last on list until you're outside again and ready to face everyday challanges. So my advice is to stick clear of Royo girl who may play with words and end up playing with your heart but also not the girl you need to balance you. I think anyone reading the blog can see that. Best of luck mate with upcoming release. It's rare to get such second chances. When you get out reconnect with family and take time to breathe and go study some more. Thats the different street for now

Don said...

Forget Royo... Frankie is waiting. (Sorry, could not resist).

Anonymous said...

Don't be so dumb as to get involved with an insecure American Girl who is dating another guy - she'll visit you back home but once a year (if you're lucky).
You're not fully available, right now it's just a little fantasy of hers, some English bloke up in the joint.

Sorry to be so harsh, but concentrate on getting out and putting your life back together back home.