14 Nov 08

Arizona Aryan Brotherhood

Here's the latest information on the Arizona Aryan Brotherhood as collected by the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Membership - Approximately 386 members

Racial make up - Caucasian

Prison Criminal Activity - Narcotics, Extortion, Assaults, Homicides and Gambling

STG (Security Threat Group) specific tattoo/symbolism will usually be the words "Aryan Brotherhood" or the letters "AB"


Recruitment of the most influential Skinheads. Eradicating their ranks of sex offenders & members who have not B.I. Increase recruitment to load up our lock-up facilities. Talk of infiltrating defectors and PS housing to assault inmates. Challenge the validation process in court. Terrorist type retaliation against ADC staff.

AB By Laws


I swear my loyalty exclusively to * * * . To protect the family and promote it's goals with the resources available to me at all times. I will honor the family laws, bringing respect to all kindred through my actions. My life is this and this is for life, my oath being given it shall not be broken.


1 There will be a council consisting of (3) kindred. This council will reside where the largest concentration of family exists.

2 The council will establish and maintain the direction of the family by receiving input from kindred and enforcing the will of the majority . All major issues will be determined by majority vote conducted by council, no minority may control the direction of the whole.

3 The council will address all issues brought before it, including but not limited to, finances, grievances and disciplinary issues and resolve them in the light best suited to promote the goals of the family as a whole.

4 The council will control and determine how family funds are to be utilized.

5 Sub-councils may be established in other areas as needed for organizational purposes but must respect the direction established by the council.

6 Any councilman may be impeached by vote.


1 All kindred must swear their loyalty exclusively to the family, placing no thing before it in his priorities. No one shall be acknowledged as kindred until such time as he has read these laws and sworn his oath.

2 These laws are to be known to kindred only.

3 All kindred must conduct themselves by example at all times exemplifying the best qualities our folk have to offer: intelligence, loyalty, pride, righteousness and strength.

4 Kindred must continually strive to promote the goals of the family no matter where they are, inactivity will not be tolerated on any level.

5 Kindred shall assist each other in any way possible but no kindred shall exploit this generosity in any way.

6 No kindred may act in any manner to bring shame, disgrace or contempt to himself or family.

7 No kindred may act to diminish any other kindred in his person or possession except as a lawful sanction.

8 Kindred shall never disrespect or criticize each other in public.

9 Kindred shall not disagree in public unless absolutely unavoidable.

10 Kindred have a responsibility to communicate with each other in order to stay appraised of current goals and issues.

11 No kindred shall give information/disinformation to any outsider which can be harmful to family in any way, if situation is not definite, no information shall be given at all.


1 Baptism is the priority goal for all kinfolk. They must seek baptism at earliest opportunity, failure will result in major sanction.

2 Until such time kinfolk are baptized they shall not be permitted to initiate progeny, hold any position of authority or vote on any matter involving major sanctions.


1 All projects/business will be conducted on a need to know basis.

2 No pacts or business shall be honored within the family or with outsiders unless the terms are compatible with our law.

3 No business shall be conducted by any folk, including kindred, without contributing to the family. This contribution shall be the maximum allowable percentage of the interest, without causing bankruptcy, up to 25%.

4 Any business financed by family funds retains 75% of the interest in that business and may pay individual(s) 25% interest to maintain that business.


1 Kindred shall only initiate progeny to promote the goals of the family.

2 Kindred shall initiate only (1) progeny at a time but may adopt another kindred's progeny based on location convenience.

3 Kindred are responsible for the actions of their progeny.

4 Abuses of this privilege will result in sanctions.

5 Kindred must make his progeny aware of his responsibilities immediately upon birth, the progeny must commit to these responsibilities.

6 Progeny must, whenever opportunity presents itself:
-Check out, orientate and evaluate the potential of all folk in his area.
-Cache toys for immediate availability to kindred.
-Initiate businesses or projects to stimulate capital for family.
-Send $25 a month to lockdown.
-Support kindred under any circumstance.
-Follow any order by any kindred.
-Be prepared for baptism.

7 Progeny life is a minimum of (2) years.

8 There may be a baptism prior to completion of progeny term to be applied upon successful completion of term.

9 Upon completion of successful baptism which is directly related to family interest with sufficient immersion, consideration for progeny as kindred will be based on a demonstration of ones ability to promote the goals of the family.

10 No kindred will be recognized except by completion of responsibilities and majority vote.


1 Sanctions will be imposed on any kindred who fails to uphold their responsibilities. Appropriate sanctions will be determined on a case by case basis and will be applied as consistent as possible.

2 Major sanctions will be imposed for the following: a) Treason or betrayal. b) Any act committed where a reasonable person should have known would cause substantial harm to the family. c) Kindred who use the family to promote personal agendas. d) Kindred who participate in homosexual acts. e) Kindred who suspend a baptism based on financial, personal or lockdown considerations.

3 Minor sanctions shall be imposed for violation(s) of law which may include but are not limited to: fines, restitution, loss of privileges, skin ups or other appropriate actions, to be determined by majority and enforced by the council.

4 A person is no longer recognized as kindred immediately upon finding of guilt of major sanction charge.


1 Amendments to these laws may be adopted by the council as needed to promote the changing goals of the family.

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Where did you get that ?? WOW

Anonymous said...

The most organized groups of organized crime were the organizations with a govermnent or military type structure.

Chris H said...

Big Dawg,

What does a baptism involve here? Doesn't sound like a little water on the head. "be prepared for baptism"


Hugs and kises,

Chris H

P.S - Dude, you sure you're not gonna get into shit for publishing this secret list? I worry Bevvy, I worry a lot!

Anonymous said...

this is not correct the arizona aryan brotherhood is different than the real AB THEY HAVE DIFFERENT LEADERSHIP FOLLOW NO REAL RULES ANDare more or less ran by a woman on the streetsrumors of snuff films kidnapping involvement with the mexican mafia
and even african american gangs

Me said...

This info was pulled word for word from the ADC, Arizona Department of Corrections website, his only worry is copyright infringement of a state website. I would also like to add the AZ AB are different, they aren't recognized by the founders in Cali or Texas. I see it everyday, hanging out with the blacks or mexicans.

Anonymous said...

Az AB adopted alot from the original Cali brotherhood. Most assume that AB and skin heads are one in the same. This is far from true in Az. I can say from personal experience that the AB is not all about hate and is truly more about looking out for there own. Anyone who's been in AZDOC can tell you that your race is your protection. Skin heads have nothing comming in Az and actually don't associate with the Az AB because the AB will interact with other races.

Anonymous said...

All you folks who think the AZ AB is different than other states..IT IS!! IT'S DIFFERENT IN EVERY STATE!! But speaking strictly from a "I spent 9 years locked the f up" point of view..AZ AB is on point and ensures the strength of our people and makes sure people of our own kind are NEVER preyed upon either by our own or by others!! Molesters,Rapists,and snitches are severely excluded from this umbrella of "protection" don't get it wrong..if you fuck up you will get fucked up, but no one is punking you for your tv and commisary just cause you are a "geek" and that is due to the AB shutting down any and all predatory acts on our race!! blood was first shed 30 some years ago and will continue..so one day when one of you or your family or friends ends up in prison for breaking some bs AZ law you can thank the AB for your asshole stayng intact and being able to eat that cornbread!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I spent 15 years in Arizona doc....Was "clicked up" and let me tell you. Most brothers are stone cold dope fiends using their patch as a way to get more dope...Been there done that. California isthe orginal AB..Arizona started their own click using the name AB, which wasn't okayed by CA. Thats why when a "unnamed" arizona AB members brother landed in the joint in CA, he was stabbed and found himself in pc. if a arizona ab member finds himself in the federal system, he will be killed for his patch isnt reconized. CA calls the shots in the feds. And since 1995 when has a validated AB patch holder been allowed on a yard in AZ? Str8 smu1 or smu 2..Ive been in both was there when we opened smu2....baptism is killing another inmate...theyll get some lame like kb, who had a 5 year sentence for auto theft and pump him up, get him to kill someone and call him brother. He now has 25 year sentence..there isnt no az ab outside of lock up...abt or the texas ab arent founder ca is

Anonymous said...

they only attack whites

Anonymous said...

why not fight the blacks and mexicans why always attacking the whites

Anonymous said...

on the streets blacks rape your women ect... whites do nothing in jail AB do nothing except try to punk whites and thats a brotherhood???

Anonymous said...

been in jail seen it blacks exstort whites whites exstort whites and they call theirself white they cant even fight non whites lol


The Aryan Brotherhood was founded by white supremacists Barry Mills and Tyler Bingham in 1964 at the San Quentin state prison. The prison gang was created as a way to protect white inmates from predatory black inmates, but its cause transformed into revenue when the gang began gaining power. The gang’s founding fathers were Irish-American bikers and adopted the 3 leaf clover as its official symbol. The highly organized prison gang is one of the most violent white supremacist groups in the nation and is accountable for over 100 bloody murders throughout its existence.

Major prison gangs sometimes chapter-off or splinter from their mother organization. This may have been the case of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. How the California born Aryan Brotherhood, one of America's first all white penetentiary gangs, found its way inside prisons across Texas remains unconfirmed but 3 facts do remain.

Fact #1: The Aryan Brotherhood has been active in Texas prisons since the early 1970's.

Fact #2: The Aryan Brotherhood remains one of Texas' most dangerous all-white prison gangs.

Fact#3: The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas DOES NOT use the same "patch" or gang symbol as that of their California based founding chapter. While the AB of California incorporates a Neo-Nazi swastika and shamrock on their "patch", the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas doen not and instead uses a Neo-Nazi swastika, a sword and 3 poitned shield.

The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas are active in narcotics distribution in both big cities and small towns across Texas.

In 1982, the Aryan Brotherhood organizes a three-man commission in Chino, California. The “commission” oversees the gang’s nine-man “council”.

On June 1997 the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas initiate a surprise attack on the Crips gang inside the maximum security John B. Connally prison near San Antonio, Texas. Several Crips are stabbed repeatedly, leaving 3 offenders critically wounded

I can go on with the list but it's to long and I am not giving up all the secrets

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sitting them straight cracker jack. I've never heald it against other AB chapters where they were from. California sometimes think they have rank but my patch doesn't look like theirs so I see it as I'll stay in Tx and they can stay in CA and we'll all live happily ever after. When I was put down I was taught the diff and I respect those differences as should everyone else if not well you know.....

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a hard bro of mine that I've lost touch with over the years, Raymond Snyder. Last I knew he was out but roaming. If anyone knows him pls reply I'd like to know he's ok or where he's at.

Anonymous said...

The assertion that AB attacks whites is absurd true Texas AB members are some good ass dudes it's the influx of posers and wannabes that has destroyed the brotherhood confirmed members are locked down until they have agreed to denounce their affiliations. As for me I will stand by my brother

Anonymous said...

Stay focused. Weapons point outward not inward. White on White crime is a self defeating strategy. And there many who want what we want. Total Nation Restoration.

Vote for Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan. All family members should understand that this election is critical to Restoring America to it's Heritage.

What would George Washington do?

Anonymous said...

having been locked up in AZDOC with a bunch of these guys I will tell you that they are all a bunch of Dope fiends who care abotu nothing other than shooting heroin and extorting their own people....total joke...someone said it best, on the street the AB are bicycle riding copper thieves but in prison their kings...

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Why should it matter if you're from CA, TX, or AZ? AB is across the nation and since the leaders are mostly federal prisoners its not a matter of where you are from. Its a matter of character. There are many lower gangs leading to AB but very few make it to AB. Those fighting over who's ideals are better CA, TX, or AZ, you disgrace your race and the integrity of the organization. AB was built to protect the white race and when you start segregating white from white you deplete your forces, cause inward disagreements between leaders, and simply hurt the overall goal of AB which is to .. 'secure the future of white children' this is EVERYWHERE not just one state. Drugs are simply an easy none taxed source of income and with nothing to do all day our brothers fall and we let them. Remember your oaths, remember your purpose, keep to the path. Stand up for each other and keep disagreements and discipline problems within the family.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Fuck the ab they r race traitors allying with spics patching kikes and praying on their own

Big c. said...

You guys don't know shit a bunch of hide outside who can't walk the yard. That's why your letting that shit fall out your neck , cowards and can't be straight up like a real man and say it to the faces. Weak p.c. cases

Big c. said...

You guys don't know shit a bunch of hide outside who can't walk the yard. That's why your letting that shit fall out your neck , cowards and can't be straight up like a real man and say it to the faces. Weak p.c. cases

Nazi Dan said...

Where do you get your information. Know what you say about my brothers and 100% brothers protect all whites that are not sniches, child molester's, rapest . shut your mouth

Nazi Dan said...

Where do you get your information. Know what you say about my brothers and 100% brothers protect all whites that are not sniches, child molester's, rapest . shut your mouth

Anonymous said...

wolf1488ab I just got out from doing 20 years in the VA system we went hard and I stand for all me Bros.. done my 16 years as enforcer went inactive and got called back up and finished my bit as professional. Most of what is on here is crap. If you are smart you will shut your mouth before I get a D.O. and have to do it for you...

Unknown said...

Your full of shit. You know nothing. Never will. You would never be able to wrap your little menial mind around even the most abstract ideologies and real true camaraderie shared amonst through fellas.. Sit there and keep pecking away at you keyboard acting like you know thing as tho your someone.. You speak real foolishness from the heart my friend, and mutter uneducated, acute idiocracies from straight stupidity and blindness. One prays your eyes to open someday and see at face that generaly things are not as they would seem. Not crediting you with any acknowledgement into what you think you may know. (One would hope your not seriously speaking word with you truely believe yourself btw) Your way off andm majorly misguided my little retarded friend.. But if there was any real merit to your little rediculous theories and whacky banter, those things that the speak so surely of, that you think you know, in all seriousness, close your eyes, take a long drawn out and vigourous breadth. Think deep and hard. Now open em, yet shut that mouth an jus Kno, you would only have that inciteful knowledge you would have because one, or many, would allow you to have it... Idiot

Unknown said...

Word. 2 x 5 pieces. On that installment plan. And to all you idiots who think you know and speak real foolishness from your little fingers pecking away. I daresay fuck up. And come in. We will have a bed waiting for you with one of your own kind to bunk with. Get that chatterbox going then. See how fast of a learner you are. Hopefully your on point and get it cause it not, to can list a few different ways you'd be leaving my yard. And it's not in cuffs with the faggot ass cops, and def not to go home.. couldn't tell you how many foolish youngsters I've seen leave in how many different ways. Lol..