Mass Anti-Arpaio Protest This Tuesday in Phoenix (by Guest Blogger Gail)

Good morning from Phoenix, Shaun,

My name is Gail Shoultes. I am a mother of three and grandmother of six.

I was oblivious to the evil that is Sheriff Arpaio until about 10 years ago when my own bipolar son ended up in Arpaio's jail. It was so hard to believe the conditions in those jails under Arpaio's direction, so substandard, disgusting and dangerous. The jails are nothing short of a torture chamber that is allowed to exist in the USA! This isn't nazi Germany, but what goes on with the jail system, certainly seems like it.

I hope anyone who has not yet read "Hard Time", does so. They will not believe the conditions, and we cannot let this go on any longer. People die at Arpaio's hand, and he must be ousted. 

We are protesting Arpaio again on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at the Wells Fargo Bank Building. We are relentless in protesting the egomaniac that is Joe Arpaio.

As an interesting side note, Wells Fargo must have had enough of the protests against a controversial sheriff because he has to vacate after the lease expires in 2013. They have advised MCSO they need the space for themselves, but there are those among us who know banks don't like loud, divisive people outside their buildings, bringing them all kinds of negative attention.

Wish us luck and say a prayer as we march forward in ridding our beautiful state of the evil.

Thanks for helping us promote this Shaun!


I've asked Gail to provide pics/vids of the protest for Jon's Jail Journal

Help Mike Stauffer boot Arpaio out of office 

Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun ...I know it's like an evil coldness to even visit someone down at that jail me...hope no one ever ends up there....take care ...mesa az......


Anonymous said...

Times like this I actually wish I did live there! Just to make sure the a******e knew what I thought of him! But then I couldn't help with the signings so I guess it works better this way x