Quadruple Amputee Rave DJ Hookie - Tom Nash Podcast 604 Australia Andrew...

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Quadruple #Amputee #Rave DJ Hookie - Tom Nash Podcast 604

Tom Nash mesmerises audiences around the world, either with his thought-provoking philosophies or hypnotic DJ sets. However, before his career had even begun, Tom, aged only 19, lost both his arms and legs was given the slimmest chance of survival. When the unthinkable becomes your reality, where do you turn? Tom not only went on to survive, but to thrive, taking on life with nothing more than a pair of prosthetic hooks and a dark sense of humour.

Masonic Evil Dad Part 2: Carol Higgins Podcast 605

I’m LIVE 9pm today with Carol Higgins Part 2


Elliot Appleyard groomed Carol from birth, after telling her mother he believed ‘all fathers should break their daughters in' when Carol was a toddler.

For 35 years, from 1984 until 2019, Yorkshire-born Carol's voice was silenced by her father and West Yorkshire Police and Child Protection Units. She struggled to fight for justice and, while raising two children alone, to get her predator father sent to prison by Judge James Jameson QC.

LIVE Madeleine McCann Interview JULIA WANDELT's LIFE STORY with Dr Becky...


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JULIA LIVE PART 2 Madeleine #McCann LIVE Interview JULIA WANDELT’s LIFE STORY - with Dr Becky Spelman - Podcast 601

Statement from Dr. Rebecca Spelman about this interview:

I'm Dr. Rebecca Spelman. I'm a HCPC registered psychologist in the UK. My reason for doing this interview with Julia is because I listened to the phone call that Julia had with Operation Grange and was struck by how genuine Julia sounds in her voice and how low empathy the police officer from Operation Grange was towards her. It appears that Julia is being honest as far as she believes her story to be true. I reached out to Julia to offer a space which can be as safe as possible for her to tell her life story in a chronological order. Rather than putting this interview on my own YouTube Channel, I have asked Shaun to put this on his channel so that the story reaches a wider audience. My intention for this interview is to facilitate Julia in being able to tell her narrative in a really safe online space which I feel I am capable of providing as a qualified and very experienced psychologist who works with significant trauma. I will be encouraging Julia not to read the YouTube comments as she tells her story so that she is protected as much as possible from comments from the public so that she can focus on telling her story.

The interview will involve me using my skills to facilitate Julia in being able to tell her story and I will offer some perspective in relation to my knowledge and experience treating trauma, trauma memories and give some information to the audience about what I feel may be true in relation to this story. I can also share with the audience how trauma memories work and comment on the narrative that Julia is presenting. I believe because of my trauma work experience I can provide a space that's really safe for Julia to talk about some pretty horrific trauma that she's been through that she's never been able to talk about in public before. I hope that by helping Julia share her story further that more justice can be done in regards to her situation.

I feel that it is really unfair that the police officer who called Julia from Operation Grange did not speak to her in a compassionate and empathic way and regardless of whether she is Madeleine McCann or not, any individual who is reporting themselves as a missing person, who has gaps in their memory from childhood, who believes that they were not born into the household that they grew up in should be dealt with in a compassionate way and should not be threatened. I'm here to help Julia tell her story.

Dr. Becky Spelman


HCPC registered Psychologist

BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

US Seri*l Kill*r Interview - Wild Bill (William Dathan Holbert) - Podcas...

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US Serial Killer Interview - Wild Bill (William Dathan Holbert) - Podcast 597

An exclusive 3+ hour interview with a Seri*l Kill*r from North Carolina who became one of Central America's most lethal and infamous assassins. Wild Bill is now serving 47 years in Panama prison.

EXCLUSIVE Madeleine McCann LIVE Interview with JULIA WANDELT - DNA Shock...

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Madeleine #McCann LIVE Interview with JULIA WANDELT - DNA Shocking News - Podcast 600
The mainstream media attempted to destroy Julia Wandelt's reputation by misquoting her and labelling her as crazy. Now Julia reveals her full true story for the first time and exposes - with proof - the dirty tricks employed by the establishment. Whatever you think about Julia's claims, her testimony and the evidence that she presents will make you suspect that something sinister is going on at the core of Operation Grange the #MadeleineMcCann investigation.

Happy Father's Day!

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London Gangster's Life With Joey Pyle, The Krays and Freddie Foreman - R...

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London Gangster's Life With Joey Pyle, The Krays and Freddie Foreman - Ronnie Field - Podcast 596

Prolific armed robber. Close ally of Joey Pyle. Friend and fellow inmate of the Kray twins. Last man to stand trial with a Kray brother. First prisoner in the notorious Belmarsh Unit … Welcome to Ronnie Field's world.

From his rough childhood, his inevitable journey into crime and his role in the dangerous underworld of south London’s gangland through to his eventful spells in many of Britain’s most secure jails, Ronnie Field is ready to recount his incredible story for the very first time. It’s a new take on the criminal fraternity of the 1970s and 80s from one of the last men standing.