T-Bone Not Guilty!

A jury found T-bone not guilty of all of major charges. For three years, I’ve been unable to post online about T-Bone’s case because it may have been used against him in court. The bottom line is the State of Arizona wanted to put T-Bone away for life. The justice system in Arizona is extremely racist and T-Bone is considered extremely dangerous because of his military training as a Marine. To put T-Bone away for life, the prosecutor and Phoenix police procured false witnesses against him, but the jury saw right through the lies. Before trial, the prosecutor had warned T-Bone that he needed to sign a plea bargain admitting guilt, and that if he did not and he lost at trial, the prosecutor would ask the judge for a 145 year maximum sentence. T-Bone’s own lawyer, a public defender appointed by the State of Arizona, urged T-Bone to admit guilt and sign a plea bargain for a shorter sentence. Unwilling to admit to crimes that he hadn’t committed and praying to God for a miracle, T-Bone managed to win at trial even with all of the odds stacked against him by the crooked state of Arizona. T-Bone has one minor charge remaining, which wasn’t filed by the police in the amount of time legally required, so it looks like that charge may be dismissed.

My book Prison Time includes how I met T-Bone

Shaun Attwood  

London School Visits

A few days ago, I was doing a talk in London. The bell rang. I still had 10 copies of Hard Time 2nd Ed to give away, so I said anyone who comes to my table and asks a question will get a book. One hundred students stampeded, almost knocking my table over and my bottle of water went flying. In a frenzy of arms and hands, the books were snatched up. I had to laugh.

Question Time

I thank Jaideep in India for these questions:

Please share some of the best memories of your childhood?

Going for walks with my dad in the English countryside. I’d climb trees, investigate ponds and be amazed by the sight of fish, frogs and toads. I’d be horrified by leeches.

Tell me about your education?

As a teenager, I was equally interested in the stock market and computer programming. That’s why at college I did A level mathematics, physics and economics. I hedged my bets, so that my career could go in either direction. In the end, my interest in the stock market won out. At Liverpool University, I earned a degree in business studies.

What career did you plan during your education days?

Living in a small chemical-manufacturing town, I dreamt of making a fortune in the stock market and living in America, where everything seemed to be so much bigger than what I was used to: the roads, houses, cars…

What languages can you speak and write?

A little Spanish. A tiny amount of Chinese, as I studied Mandarin in prison.

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?

On the road of life, I met many great people who have inspired me. They range from my family to certain prisoners, some of whom had committed serious crimes, but who protected me out of the blue when I was in danger. For example, Two Tonys, an Italian Mafia associate serving 112 years for killing rival gangsters. He protected me and also introduced me to his favourite book: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, a novel by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. The book taught me to appreciate the small things in life, so that I don’t go looking for excitement in the wrong places, which I detail in this video:

Incarcerated, I read over 1000 books in just under six years, including many original texts in psychology and philosophy. I was inspired by great philosophers such as Plato and Marcus Aurelius. Meditations by Aurelius mentions standing strong even when life is throwing its worst at us, which is particularly inspirational for prisoners.
Marcus Aurelius — 'Be like the cliff against which the waves continually break; but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it.'
I used this quote at the beginning of my book Prison Time.

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From T-Bone (Letter 37)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter:

Brother Shaun, I really appreciate the Christmas money you and your blog readers sent that is enabling me to eat. Thank you to everyone for their help and kindness. I know that it’s godsent.

A young white man in here was hungry. He didn’t have anything to eat, so he asked a black guy if he could clean his cell for something to eat. All hell broke loose. Some white gang members jumped the young guy. He’s walking around with black eyes, all because he tried to scrape some money together to get something to eat.

I gave him some food. He has people on the streets who will send him money. I hate that he got jumped because he had no food, and he wanted to clean a guy’s cell who is black. It is so sad.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio feeds the people here worse than they do at Gitmo, where they at least get fresh food three times a day. I’ve tried to figure out Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Does he get off on pain and suffering, causing people to fight for food and just being mean and nasty?

There has been fights all over the place, mostly over food or drug debts or a racial issue of some kind. In court, people are signing their lives away, just so they can get out of here and into the prison system.

A gang banger in here with me is making unnecessary noise, so I’ll talk to you later, if you know what I mean.

Peace in 2015!


My book Prison Time includes how I met T-Bone

Shaun Attwood