23 April 05

Frankie’s Imminent Arrival

Frankie has been approved for this unit. There are two buildings here, each containing four fifty-man pods, so there is a one in eight chance that I’ll be sharing a pod with Frankie, and a one in four chance that I’ll be going to the chow hall and the rec field with him ( two pods at a time eat together and attend rec together). Regardless of where he is housed, I will inevitably see him soon.

Following the sandwiched love letter I received a second letter from Frankie:

“What’s up? Did you find yourself another esposo [husband]? How are things going on at your end besides you cheating on me? I thought it was all about you and me. It’s all gravy cause nobody can lay pipe like me. Tu esposo [Your husband]”

After being approved for this unit it usually takes between one to two months to get transported. Now that Frankie is approved he should be here soon.


Anonymous said...

..you sound quite fond of Frankie and excited about his arrival..are you more than just good friends or is your affair an in joke between you which I suspect it is? sam uk

Pete said...

Hi Shawn, with Frankie's imminent arrival on the horizon, I think it would be best in your best interests to leave Arizona. I'm sure if you requested extradition back to England, they would be more than happy to oblige, wouldn't they? You do still have your passport, don't you?

Anonymous said...

or post a do not house order against him and he wont be in your pod
that is the wise thing unless your missing him

Cheryl said...

Only issue with coming back to the UK is that we'd lose your blog... out of roughly 75,000 prisoners in the UK, only 31 individuals have limited access to the internet, its seen as a security issue.
That said, they are teaching the CCNA exams, A+ and all that.

See page 60 of http://www.fpe.org.uk/filestore/ESC_PrisonEducation_Report.pdf

Cheryl said...

bother that bled over the box.

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