07 Feb 06

Odds & Ends

Drunk on hooch and wielding a shank, a Chicano took control of our prison yard for a couple of hours. When the Strategic Response Team lined up and aimed their shotguns at him, he surrendered.

A clogged-up kitchen toilet caused our chow hall to flood with five inches of water and sewage. For one day, we ate at Yard 1's chow hall, while ours was drained and cleaned with dishwasher sanitizer.

We were recently allowed a one-time purchase of two pizzas for $10 each from Hungry Howies. I ordered a veggie pizza with green peppers on it, which, although cold by the time I received it, was appreciated.

Anyone who acted on my recommendations to purchase gold, copper, and oil has now made a fortune. My advice is to take some money off the table, as, short-term, the prices look overbought. Look at healthcare, biotech, nanotech and Asia for above average growth. I like Radvision (RVSN on NASDAQ) in the high teens.

Thanks for sending books. After I have read them, they are donated to the libraries here, so other inmates can read them.

I have applied to do Psychology 101, a correspondence course with Rio Salado College. I’d also like to do Modern Fiction.

My sister and father are travelling to visit me at the end of April. I’m excited about seeing them – especially my sister, Karen, who I haven’t seen for a few years

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Anonymous said...

Good news that your dad and sister will be visiting you Shaun. Your mum told me a few weeks back. It should break up the year for you.
Good luck with your studies.
Terry B

Anonymous said...

Tampons? Where did they come from?
And "Psychology 101"? Do the exercises include rat-induced fear? Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

I came across your site through writeaprisoner.com and that ad just cracked me up. Anyway, your blog is awesome. I'll keep reading.


Anonymous said...

"Although I have a degree from Liverpool University, it was in Business, Economics and finance which is a world away from psychology or modern fiction."

Are finance and psychology so far from each other? Nope. I'm studying behavioural finance.