11 Mar 09

Guest Writer: Lifer David – The Justice League of America

David is serving life in prison in Texas.

In the county jail, we lived with a pack of youngsters we referred to as the Justice League of America. Young, heavily tattooed, absonant and ignorant. When the nurse came in the afternoon to pass out medication through the Plexiglas-windowed door to the pod, they’d strip down to their boxers, or worse, don sheets and blankets like 13th century capes to shield all but the nurse from their immorality, and fly, fly away to the door. Once there, they stood for twenty minutes or so, side by side, with their capes draped from raised and hooked elbows, and masturbated in front of her. The various reactions ranged from rage to encouragement, but the hunching movements of their draped backs was always the same, until the police stormed the scene, and the Justice League, very unsuperherolike, scampered back into the dark recesses from where they came. This unimaginable sequence of events was an almost daily ritual.

One day, an individual came to our pod with only hours to serve for traffic tickets. He arrived at 2:30pm, and was scheduled to eat dinner and be processed out by midnight. During this time, the Justice League was out and about, and when this individual, with the dull eyes of a mannequin, saw them masturbating, he followed their line of fire to the nurse passing out meds. I saw the gears in his head grinding against an immense force of immobility as he processed the opportunity at hand. Then he had his eureka moment, dropped his mattress on the floor, looked at the Justice League, pulled his pants down, looked at the nurse, then he raised his hand from his bare hip and…
I ran. I ran roaring with wild-eyed laughter to the partitioned set of bunks where I was housed, and told my roommates, who were perennial horseplayers, what was taking place in our pod. Oh how we laughed. This was long before I realized the evil of the situation.

Inmates who masturbate openly in front of females, but only do it sometimes, secretly and selectively, are referred to as in “the game,” as in the “jack game.” But those like the Justice League, and their animalian cousin, who do it regularly and openly, are referred to as “jack monsters.” On the surface, that’s a light-hearted term of endearment that brings to mind that cuddly blue beast, the Cookie Monster, and his boyish, innocent love for chocolate chip cookies.
But when you consider the female staff concerned, it is a form of rape. Not of touch, but of sight. The members of the Justice League were true monsters indeed.

Click here to read more from David at his blog Prison Proxy.

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't know if going as far as to call it rape is appropriate. There are certain aspects of the job that one must be forced to deal with, and I am sure the nurse is well aware of the hazards of the job. It seems as if the administration is liable, as they should enforce some sort of policy where guards should stand with the JLOA during nursing visits, or have them fully clothed. It seems as if this type of behavior is being allowed to continue. Please do not misconstrue my comment, as I do beleive what they are doing is wrong and disrespectful, and someone should step up and straighten these youngsters out, but I wouldn't go as far as to call it rape, regardless of what type of metaphor you are trying to get across.

Anonymous said...

that's shocking!


Anonymous said...

shocking is an understatement. why don't the guards or someone do something about it?

Cindy in DO

Anonymous said...

David is right

Its sight rape

Anonymous said...

Rape is defined as: 1. the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
2. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person

Sexual Harrassment YES, rape, definitely not. come on people, don't try to put a spin on this one. Calling it rape is going a bit too far. If that is "sight" rape, then I am "killed" daily by the rap I listen to and the television images I watch.

Anonymous said...

Anon is right it's sexual harassment, plain and simple.


Anonymous said...


DOJ Finally Investigates Arpaio for Civil Rights Violations


You helped with that!!!

peace ;-)

Chris H said...

Dear Anonymous at 4.31 PM

Where did you get definition 1 from? Why does it specify "to a woman"?

I think from the blogs we've seen on here, it's clear that rape doesn't only happen to women....

Chris H

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of my friend's return from the hole. he got to his new cell and everything seemed tolerable until after lunch a few days in when his two cellies were joined by 4 or 5 other guys for what was a regular event: a jack off session. these fellows got together every couple of days, sometimes every day, to stand around in the cell masturbating. my friend wrote to me about it saying that while he was not one to judge someone on their sexual proclivities he was rather disturbed by this. humorously he added that he was concerned that they might use up the weekly supply of toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

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