The Scary Fun of Prison (by Guest Blogger Andrew Donegan)

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MY FRIEND, Stephen Farnham, once walked in on a prisoner masturbating over a sheepskin rug. The same guy was notorious for always having a hand down his pants. To top things off this jokester spread a bout of genital warts like wildfire around the iron-pumping population by leaving trails of his germs all over the bars in the gymnasium. Other users would share these bars, bite their nails, and hey presto, they had a dose of it too. On their faces! So be careful…

As this is Andrew’s first guest blog at Jon’s Jail Journal, your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Shaun Attwood


New Writer said...

In the winter, I usually get a spilt lip, then chapped lips, then a cold sore, in that order. A genital wart on top of this fiasco would be all I need.

Anonymous said...

Andrew's writing packs a lot of punch


Anonymous said...

I recommend detox wipes to be used after they finished trainning