Public Speaking Videos

In the two videos below, I'm at Regents College, London talking to a group of psychotherapists. It was part of a masterclass put on by Andrew T. Austin. Double click on the videos to get the full screen version.



bioengineered said...

Your public speaking has improved volumes. You now have a much smoother flow with it and not so much the deer in the headlights look.
I also see the humour in in these scenarios as well, tragic as they may be.

If you ever get the chance, check out a comedy movie called "Let's Go To Prison".
It really pokes fun at these types of characters and scenarios. Its no masterpiece but got me to laugh it up.

Jon said...

Thanks, Bio!

The first time I ever talked to an audience, I was so nervous I couldn't eat my breakfast. I was so on edge, I used to pace from side to side like a prisoner in a cell.

Shannon Clark said...

I agree-your presentation is really smooth and polished. Good job! Sue O

Andrew T. Austin said...

The complete DVD sets entitled, "Recovering from Imprisonment" featuring Shaun Attwood will be available from next Wednesday via