Waterstone’s Warrington

Mum and I just got back from today’s book signing. It started out with 12 books sold from 11am until noon, so we figured it would be an average day. I was keeping count by writing the number down.

During the next hour, things went bonkers. For 40 minutes, Christmas shoppers mobbed my table, some demanding three or four books to be signed – “Can’t have the grandchildren fighting over one book now can we?” – so I completely lost count.

“You’ve sold 75,” a staff member said a few hours later. “More than Kerry Katona!”
"Who's she?" I asked.
The lady looked at me as if to say, What planet are you from? This is what happens when you don't watch TV.

Those of you worried about me overworking my mum will be pleased to know that while I was so busy I didn't even get to open my bag of salted cashews, Mum took a full lunch hour to eat at Debenhams.

By the end of the signing, Mum and I were delirious from exhaustion. I actually left the store to bin some trash, and when I re-entered Mum thrust a leaflet at me, and tried to sell me a copy of Hard Time. I really should have bought one off her before she noticed I was her son.

By the time we left, the computer system hadn’t registered all of the book sales, but the manager estimated it be almost 90. He invited us back for Xmas Eve, a hard-to-get spot coveted by authors.

Tomorrow, we’re returning to the Wigan Waterstone’s, but the store only has 50 books in stock. Fortunately, I carry 100 in the trunk of my car at all times.

It's great to get out and meet so many friendly people who are interested in my story.

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Cindy said...

that is awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your mum got a break, you need to look after your helpers! Well done on the sales :) xx


Shannon Clark said...

You are as always, Mr. Competitive. Good job!! And Mum...Happy New Year, more sales, more books to come...xxoo Sue O.

Anonymous said...

"Well done!" you and Mum!

It is good that she is still there with you, because you certainly pressed her buttons over the years. Nonetheless, she must be rather proud of you now. Keep up the good work! And when does the ARIZONA range of (enforced) leisure wear appear? You could make a million! You should have had it on sale in the covers of your book. Put it in the second edition, maybe. Good luck! Zen