Sky TV Live Thursday Feb 10th

I was just asked to appear live on Sky TV tomorrow at about 1pm to argue the case as to why UK prisoners should be allowed to vote. It will be with Adam Boulton and another guest TBC.

I believe that the more responsibility granted to prisoners, the greater the chances that they will go on to be good citizens after they are released. Exlusion does not help rehabilitation. On that basis, the right to vote seems to be a step in the right direction.

What do you think? It you can help me with any further arguments for tomorrow I'd appreciate it.

Here's the link:


Mary Smith said...

I totally agree with that argument, but also what about the Human Rights aspect to all this? Loss of liberty is the punishment, regardless of the views of those out for revenge!!, Why are prisoners, and their loved ones constantly punished in other areas?
Voting should be a universal right, not a rare privelage, treat people as social outcasts and they will become so.

muzuzuzus said...

I see the voting ...thing as a massive con. It pretends to offer a choice, yet behind this smarmy smiling fukers with the mean dead eyes who LIE to get their sorry arses in power--which they all do without fail--is the real abiding power. The RICH.
I see it as a con. I remember what it was like in UK the last stont the friggin Tories were in, Maggie Thatcher etc, and I was SO fucked off (I didn;t vote) that I remember walking strong down to the voting place to try get the shits out. I HAD HAD ENUF. So i voted, and guess who got in--That fukin piece of sh8it war criminal Tony bLIAR is who. And his hero was Thatcher, and he lied to start war in which thousands and thousands of innocent babies and adults have been maimed and killed (I could go on) and most likely was involved in the 7/7 false flag--our 'mini' version of 9/11

How dya think I feel after voiting a load of war criminals in. So...they is out, and now we got this bunch of shits. And quite frankly man the whole circus is a pile of SHITE. (by the way I am in no way shouting at you7. I love you and your integrity. Everytime I see your face it lifts me up lol) BUT you did ask about this and this is how I feel. the whole sorry shit is corrupt. To carry on as usual with this chirade feeds it. there NEEDS to be radical change, because it is not only our selves under this oppression, it is all the trees, other species--being mashed up from this corporate soul-dead profiteering blatant self-destruction.

Who can black people vote for in the U.S as they are crowded into the jails because of this onging phony corrupt 'war on drugs'---a BLACK dude?? he's in and dont give A shit for them!

Anonymous said...

Exciting opportunity. Good luck! X

Anonymous said...

i have seen that before and they treat the ppl l8shit!!


Jon said...

Do you think I'm up for the challenge, Julie?

Nothing too bad can happen as the spirit of Two Tonys will be looking over me.

Anonymous said...

i meant i have seen all sorts of proggrams abut tht jail u went 2


Jon said...

Thanks, Mary and Muz!

Jim Julie said...

I defenatly think you are up for it you are a ledgend!
I think they should be able to vote Regardless wheather they are in prison or not because prison is their punishment not that.
I hope you do well and make prisoners proud!
I got your book yesterday i was soo inspired i read like 160 pages.

Dave McViking said...

Good luck Sean, I'm sure that you will be a persuasive speaker on the side of common sense. As others have said the ability to vote (or not to) should not be a punishment but a right despite what the flog em/hang em brigade may claim.

Anonymous said...

The right to vote is not something to be bargained with - all people's voices deserve to be heard, and it is only by listening to all people regardless of their status, background, situation etc that we can possibly hope to have a government that reflects the diverse needs of the people it aims to represent. Fairness is clearly impossible otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I dont think this should be a decision made for all prisoners. Perhaps this could be some kind of reward for good behaviour. Equally Im not in favour of criminals serving half the sentence for good behaviour, they should serve the full length and have extra added for bad behaviour, although I am sure the latter is already in place. That said, I've never been in prision, the only person I know of who has is Shaun and having read his book, I believe he is more able to reason on this matter than I.