Prison Murder Video

Every now and then, someone asks me, "How do we know the gang violence and murder you describe is really going on in US prisons?" I always tell them to go to derickatt's YouTube channel, and look at the videos of gang members and guards murdering prisoners. This new video is one of the most sickening yet. Two White Power inmates are murdering a black inmate out of racial hatred.  

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Anonymous said...

sickening :o(


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the documentary on this guy.Pretty fucked up.How someone could keep doing that is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn ...I wonder if the gaurds are white Mormons from Utah? Hope all is well with u ....Jim says hello


Jon said...

i think you're right, Rhonda, please seand my L&R to Jim, i hope he's doing well

Anonymous said...

why in the hell didn;t those guards on the speakers go in there and stop this??!!!


Jon said...

i suspect their mentality is something along the lines of, It's just inmates killing inmates. Why risk our own lives?

Anonymous said...

they should have went in there and cracked their fucking skulls


Anonymous said...

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