Prison Blogging - Shaun Attwood Interviews Shannon Clark Part 1

Eight years ago, I met Shannon Clark in an Arizona prison, a non-violent offender, serving almost a dozen years for robbing $800-worth of goods that were later returned to their owner by the police. In 2005, I introduced him to Jon’s Jail Journal as “Shane” and started posting stories about him to the Internet. Fascinated by the concept of blogging, Shannon spent hours in my cell, pouring over print-outs of my old blog entries. Endlessly, we debated blogging and discussed my blog readers’ comments. By the end of 2005, and with outside help, Shannon managed to launch his own blog, Persevering Prison Pages, which has championed human rights and attracted media attention.

For speaking out, the prison came down hard on Shannon. His good time was pulled, effectively extending his sentence by a year, and in the past year he was moved from prison to prison five times. Getting moved is extremely stressful and disruptive. Despite this, and in defiance of senior prison staff, Shannon kept blogging. He’s a brave soul indeed.

Shannon was recently released, so I interviewed him about the perils of prison blogging. Part 1 of the audio is in the YouTube video.

Shannon is now living happily in a house with his new girlfriend from the UK, who originally found out about him through Jon’s jail Journal. 
Shaun Attwood   


Anonymous said...

We have too many jailed people and our justice system sucks of course, but I find it hard to believe someone got twelve years for stealing a candy bar. There is more to this story than you are telling.


Anonymous said...

Please allow me to provide you, and others, with a bit more information. I do understand the doubt some may have about my sentence length and all. This was my second time in prison. When I was eighteen years old(1994) I was given 7 years for auto theft. By the same judge who gave me nearly 12 years in 2003! I do not, and never have or will complain that I didn't deserve punishment, because I did. I broke the law. PERIOD! Was nearly 12 years in prison excessive? That's not for me to decide. Was it my sentence that made the significant change in my life that made me the person I am today? Hell no! That was me. With the help of some great friends. I wont make up excuses for my past mistakes with drugs and crimes. However, I do want people to stop and think about who is sent to prison, for how long, and how they are treated once they are there. Incarceration isn't always the answer. And if you think that mistreatment of those incarcerated is okay....well, YOU are part of the problem in society today. As well as the criminal justice system!


Anonymous said...

Thats amazing his girlfriend met through jons jail journal and good to hear kept going despite being moved


Anonymous said...

I think the judges who sentence people to many years in prison for robbery charges are just crazy. My bf is doing 17 years for that same charge and its his 2nd time but that sentence is way to much. We want to have people do time for their crime but 17yrs is to much. We are just making it worse for them when they do get out they dont know what to expect out here in the real world. Arizona

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