Banged-Up Abroad Guildford Film Premiere May 26th

This Sunday In Guildford, an arts venue called The Boileroom is showing my Banged-Up Abroad episode Raving Arizona four months before it goes on national UK TV. It's a free event and all ages, including students, are welcome. Doors open at 7pm. The episode is on at 8pm, followed by Q&A.

The Boileroom,
13 Stoke Fields
Guildford, Surrey

Tel: 01483 440022

Info at The Boileroom 

Facebook page for the event

Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

I find it pretty pathetic that you talk about bringing justice to the people in prison and how you felt you needed to get your voice heard, what about the people you sold drugs to, you weren't whining then when you were making thousands of dollars where you? If you didn't like the jails in the USA then why were you over there selling drugs? sounds like your just a greedy guy and that is evident now since you have decided to write books and make money off of your experience of dealing drugs and committing crimes. What were you expecting in prison? A five star resort? You deserved everything you got, you are a criminal, and deserved to be punished for it. I am sure if you continued to make money and ruin peoples lives by selling drugs you would not be complaining about how people were being treated. You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he did wrong but he learned his lessons. In his case he realized he made bad choices. Instead of do nothing good at least he tried to make a difference in prison and if he could he would take back the bad choices he made. If he could he would take back his bad choices, but he can't, what happened has happened and all that he can do is move forward. Move forward and also take crap from people due to his past choices, but he's moving on. In the end at least he realized what he did and is not going down that road again. Like many, if he didn't learn his lesson yes, he'd still be doing what he was doing. His course happened the way it did it's not perfect.

I saw his story on the show "Locked up Abroad " thanks for sharing your story. The prison systems can be ignored and undermined, glad you did something instead of get caught up in the craziness in there.

Jon said...

Comment 1. You are entitled to your opinion, but bear in mind I make little from the book. My mission in life is to expose the jail conditions and raise awareness of the consequences of drugs and crime in schools across the UK. Where would the world be if people couldn't make amends for their mistakes.

Comment 2; Thanks!

muzuzuzus said...

He's not as hot as you

Anonymous said...

Drug dealer that got caught, selling Ecstasy to kids n young adults to feed his greed!!! We're supposed to think "wow, what a swell guy" after seeing this episode of LUA ????
No way...comment 1 nailed it!!!
wonder how some Mom or Dad would feel watching that program knowing there teenager OD'd on Ecstasy during your reign as Ecstasy King???? That should put things into perspective.

Anonymous said...

Ur a bitch to the person tellin the homie wat u expect a 5 star hotel he had some homies in there who protect lil bitches like ur annous punk like u if u ever slipped up and break a law not that jon was a b he jus went to a new ball park an ud b began for help from these ao calld crimanals if u went to adc jons made it out alive and tr yna to make it better for inmates and tryin to stop young stas frm hittin the pen much love jon from southside phoeniquera 16st and broaday to b exact