T-Bone Court Update

T-Bone went to court on Aug 6th in the hope of getting a trial and proving his innocence. Still refusing to go to trial, the prosecutor requested a continuance. During the hearing, the judge set a new trial date of Oct 7th and a motion hearing on Oct 4th. T-Bone’s public defender asked for an exclusion of time in June, and the judge granted that without T-Bone’s permission.  T-Bone’s last date for a trial should have been in June. Every time T-Bone goes to court, legal tricks are played on him. It looks like he is going to be in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail for months yet.  It is bad, but he is taking it OK.  He has become the spiritual leader of the unsentenced prisoners. He is a real comfort and inspiration to the men awaiting trial in that hellhole of a jail.

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Jon said...

No because the case is a farce, but I can't get into details until it is resolved.