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Email from a student:

Your talk at Forest School was amazing. I found it so interesting to hear everything you had to say and I bought your books after as I found it so interesting. Do you ever go to rave-like events or listen to that kind of music still? I've grown up with my dad who was a hardcore raver around the same time as you, so I have always loved the 90's techno music and always wanted to go to raves and experience everything as I love the adrenaline rush. It was interesting to hear what your experiences led to. Do you regret getting into the rave scene and living that kind of lifestyle or do you see it as just enjoying the moment from when you were younger?

Thanks for the talk at our school, it was amazing.


My response:

Thanks for the email, Amy, and for sharing your situation of having an old-school raver father. Is he a fan of DJ’s Sasha and Carl Cox by any chance? They were the biggest names when raves started. The last event I went to was a Carl Cox gig in London a few years ago. I danced all night without drugs, but I was exhausted coming home on the 6am train. I actually fell asleep until a ticket inspector woke me up. It was fun, but I prefer a good night’s sleep these days. I still listen to the music all of the time in my car or on my computer. Pete Tong is one of my favourites:

I do look back and see that I was a young person living for the moment and spiralling out of control. I learnt a lot from all of my experiences and they have made me who I am today. My regrets are the hurt I caused my family members and for leading others down the road of drug use that ends in misery for so many. Numerous of my friends are dead from taking drugs and out of those still taking drugs, a few die each year.

Like you, I enjoy adrenalin rushes, but I’ve learnt to channel my energy into things that won’t do me any harm such as yoga, karate and BodyCombat.

Thanks for your questions. Take care out there, Amy!


My full hard-hitting talk to schools:

Shaun Attwood      

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AmySaunders said...

Thanks for the reply, yes he still does which is why I listen to the same music, loves Pete Tong too.

Thanks for the talk and answering my questions :)