Jack Update

Jack has stage 4 cancer and is sadly still being given the run around on his painkillers by the prison. He wrote that because of the level of pain he's experiencing there are times when he feels as if he's dying. Medical staff at the prison have accused Jack of complaining he is dying on a Facebook page [he doesn't have a Facebook page] and he has been threatened with disciplinary sanctions. Jack was sent to St Luke's hospital for an appointment, but the doctor never showed up, so he ended up waiting all day to no avail. Corizon Health have acknowledged our emails but done absolutely nothing to remedy the situation.

This is highly unsatisfactory and a gross violation of Jack's human right to medical care. Weird Al and I will be formulating a plan as to how best help Jack from here. We are considering joining Jack's case to a lawsuit brought by the ACLU against the ADOC prison medical.

Click here for Jack's previous letter.

Jack is seeking pen pals, so anyone interested please email me at attwood.shaun@hotmail.co.uk for his details.

Shaun Attwood

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