From T-Bone (Letter 18)

My word, you won’t believe what’s been happening in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail. This one black guy named E-Dog thinks he’s running things. He sits at the poker table and cheats the white guys and the Mexicans and whoever else. Recently, he caused a big problem. He was owed $300 by a white kid and he wanted his money.

The white kid didn’t have the money to sit down and play. E-Dog knew that and also that the white guys would have to pay the debt. The whites got upset and smashed E-Dog. His forehead has a five-inch cut that shows the white meat and won’t stop bleeding. The whites went to the Mexicans to start a race war against the blacks as the whites and the Mexicans usually get together against the blacks, but this time the Mexicans said no.

So after the whites beat E-Dog, he ran in a cell with three black kids and punched out the guy who owed him the $300.

So now people are walking around with soda bottles with water in them as weapons hidden in their socks and pants.

A kid from New Jersey who happens to be a loan officer with Citibank didn’t want to walk around with any jailhouse weapons on him (like me) so five guys were going to jump him. I let them know that none of that crap was going to go on and to leave him alone as well as anyone else who doesn’t gamble or drink hooch.

This place is crazy, man. 


I now have two books featuring T-Bone, the hard-hitting Prison Time and a self-help book, Lessons from a Drug Lord– both include T-Bone fight stories

Numerous readers of Vice Magazine have requested I set up a donation page for T-Bone. Here it is.

Shaun Attwood   


Anonymous said...

big up T-bone stay strong


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,

I assume this is your latest blog entry.
I watched your Banged up Abroad episode. I wanted to know more so i found your blog. I started reading it right from your very first blog entry. I found it quite interesting so i kept reading on and on until this one. Now i feel so connected as though i was there with you all the time during the prison time as well as now. I grew fond of all the inmates! Especially, Two Tonys, Frankie, T-Bone and Xena.

I wish Two Tonys was alive. I loved his philosophy.
Frankie is a really good man hope he gets to meet his baby often.
Loads of respect for T-Bone, i pray that he comes out quick.
How i wish Xena wrote more often.
Weirld Al cheers!
Shane i like your writing.
Iron man cheers!

Shaun you have inspired me in many ways. Great going! Take care.

-Niti from Mumbai, India.

P.s- I am glad u love Indian food. Great taste. :p

Jon said...

thanks Niti, my new book Prison Time features all of those inmates you mentioned and it includes all of the stories I couldn't post to my blog
cheers from London

Jon said...

ps) i just ate tarka daal and channa masala :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I am going to read all the three books. Can't wait!

P.s: Chana masala and dal tadka :) Great!


Anonymous said...

I as well saw locked up abroad and searched your blog. Very inspiring. I love the faith tbone has and please send our prayers. From dallas texas.