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This blog was started to document my journey through Arizona's deadliest jail. I was released in December 2007, but have continued to post stories online from my friends inside ranging from Mafia hit men to men who believe they're women. Here are short descriptions of them.  Jon's Jail Journal guide for new readers.

My story was featured worldwide on Nat Geo as an episode of Locked Up/Banged Up Abroad. Here's the full documentary:

My story is a trilogy of books, Party Time, Hard Time and Prison Time. 

I have posted lots of prison-related videos on my YouTube channel. Here's some prison survival advice:

Please feel free to Tweet me any questions here or post them to Facebook here.

My 17 tips on surviving jail in Arizona.  My fish survival guide. 

The prison strip searches included getting your foreskin searched:

Prison sex and rape are common in Arizona:

One of my cellmates was a serial home invader torturer who I didn't get along with:

In this video I describe how the gangs work:

News broadcast of Aryan Brother murdering an inmate in the jail I was at. The inmate had refused to beat someone up for the gang:

The guards in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail like to murder the inmates too:

CCTV footage:

My full hard-hitting talk to schools about my journey:

More jail Survival advice:

Here are questions I answered for Nat Geo and what I'm up to now.

You can read my jail book, Hard Time, for FREE by downloading it here to any device .

Shaun Attwood


Wutzmyname said...

Hello English. I am recently homeless, jobless and carless with plenty of time on my hands to read. How delighted I was to come across your blog about your life and time in jail and prison. Excellent reading! The size of your bollocks must be the size of the pond between our two countries to have snuck the blog out and start it while still pre-sentence in that Napoleon Sheriff's system. Big ups to you Sir.

The reason for my being here is since I have yet to read your other books, I am curious about what happened to Claudia?

Shaun Attwood said...

The last Claudia update is here: http://jonsjailjournal.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=claudia

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