Sam's UK Prison Experience

Having not covered much of the UK prison system at this blog, I figured it's time to make amends. My friend, Sam Rowe, managed to rehabilitate after four stints in prison. He led a life of ecstasy dealing similar to mine. He now works relentlessly helping young people to avoid going to prison by channelling their energy into martial arts at the Academy of Hard Knocks, where I am an annual guest speaker. I recently visited Sam at his home, and filmed these videos:


Sam on Facebook

Sam on Twitter

Shaun Attwood  


Eliseo Weinstein said...

I never judge anyone because some can be rehabilitated in one trip to jail, while others need a dozen times to finally see the light. The fact he’s out after 4 tries and making amends is a good thing. I hope one person who’s on the path he was can see in his voice that now is the time to change.

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