A big thank you to the team at Double Act TV for including me in the Prison Night broadcast on Channel 4. It featured clips from famous prison movies. Here's the show on Catch Up. It's repeated tonight at 11.10pm. The response online was overwhelmingly positive, especially from fans of the Shawshank Redemption. It started trending on Twitter. Even human-rights advocate Bianca Jagger pitched in with: ‏Bianca Jagger ‏@BiancaJagger Nov 7 Kensington, London Brilliant program #PrisonNight

Double Act TV structured it well, achieving a balance between entertainment and human-rights issues, such as Sunny Jacob’s story, which brought on the tears. The show dovetailed with my message to schools by showing the horror of what can happen in prison versus glamorisation. Dean Stalham really livened it up with punchy and hilarious quips, and every time Sheriff Joe Arpaio opened his mouth, he managed to personify himself as one of the evil wardens from the movie clips.


Sarah Edward said...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to post off-topic here, Shaun, but I'm curious if you'll ever write more about an inmate you mentioned in an old post - Daniel, the serial killer with a 350 year sentence. Did you ever learn much about his case, or was your experience of him consistently as limited as you wrote at the time of that particular journal entry?

Jon said...

My experience with Daniel was limited. I never had any further contact after supermax.