Making a Murderer Update 9 - Did Car Crash Staged by Police Eliminate Juror 11?

Juror 11, Rick Ray has recently revealed why he left the jury: "Family emergency and Felt threatened by the father of the sheriff’s deputy [who was on the jury]. He knew I was swaying to not guilty based on the fact I wanted to review the evidence which 98% of it you saw In the documentary . The other 2 % I do not recall."

The family emergency was his daughter's car crash as described here:

No one called the accident in, yet the police arrived within two minutes. From his daughter:

His daughter wouldn't comprehend the scale of what she was involved in at the time. It was a professional job, the kind the CIA pull off all of the time (I'm not suggesting the CIA did this). All of the illegal framing done by the corrupt police to ensure Steven Avery's guilt would have amounted to nothing if Juror 11 had found Steven not guilty. If you think this is far-fetched, then consider that another juror has just recanted the guilty verdict and confessed that it was made out of fear for their lives.

My video on this subject:

Juror 11's Recent Statemen

Click here for Update 3  - Response From Innocence Project

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Atomsk said...

the only thing is that Steven took a deal on the civil suit, absolving them of all responsibility for their misconduct during his first conviction and incarceration. He took 400k so he could mount a defense. Thats not to say that i don't think any of this is not true, but the looming 36 mil was off the table.

Deeeznutz said...

True, but once the cops got the ball rolling on blaming Avery, it would look WAY more suspicious (hard to believe, I know) if they dropped it once he settled on the civil suit. At that point, they needed to make the conviction stick so they wouldn't be accused again of going after an innocent man. The worst part of this is so much time has passed, with possible evidence leading to the actual killers likely vanished, that we'll never get to find out who actually killed Teresa. Last time Avery was wrongly arrested, the actual perp went on to commit at least two other rapes...I wonder how many more crimes were committed by the actual killer here in the intervening years.

Daniel Zervas said...

Getting lost in the details ? It is obvious to everyone who seen the show that there was a cover up. Now how can we use social media to right the wrong ? The governor says he will not pardon. If no new evidence surfaces they are screwed. I personally will never again visit the great state of Wisconsin. That is the only way I know to protest the governments abuse . I wish enough people did the same that the state would feel the affect.

Dani Kekoa said...

BREAKING NEWS: Why Steven Avery deserves a new trial—by Timothy Charles Holmseth

ShadowGov Operation Frames Innocent People-

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