Shaun Attwood on Sky News: Weekend Inmates

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Yaya Jawara said...

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Dear Sir / Madam,

The following in addition to my 2 diary[ email contact details below for diary] is my story, I was sentence to pentonville in Jan 2005 whilst there I started to experience voice to skull electronic harassment as set out in my diary i.e names of Prison Officer being stated to me as prison officer A is your fancy and whilst this occur this was followed by intense pain of DEW electronic harassment i.e beams passed across bottom of feet and arms result intense hot also beams passed across lower back, head [swollen, I have pictures of head swollen by beams]and hip result INTENSE PAIN. Also occured beams were passed across genital until a discharge did occur and the names of prison officer harassing me would be repeated by The Pentonville Prison Authorities in London, as a victim of a technology I had not even heard of see and as my attacker were the Prison Authorities in whose care I was entrusted by the state, I could not approach them for help as this would have resulted in more harassment, therefore what I decided to do was to keep a record of the harassment I was experiencing in the hope that once outside I will be able to ask a lawyer to request The Pentonville Prison Authorities to put a stop to the electronic harassment that they started, At present my case is with the Parliamentry Standards Ombudsman who have sent a complain note to the pentonville prison authority regarding their harassment against me, however The Parliamentry Ombudsman is request contact detail and story of other Prison Victim of voice to skull electronic harassment in order to complete their investigation which could lead to a parliament Law against Prison voice to skull electronic harassment therefore I would like to request all Prison victim of voice to skull electronic harassment to email me at

Yours Sincerely
Yaya Jawara BSc Tellecommunication

Contact details is
TEL:0044- 07947544914