Prison in Peru 3 (by Lula)

Lula is a foreign national serving a seven-year sentence in Peru.
There has been a whole lot of changes. Fighting. Rearranging cells. Group conflicts. Physical fighting every week. One girl hanged herself with her clothes. It’s the only suicide to happen here in the four years I’ve been here. Lots of girls cut themselves with razors, mirrors and the inside of a thermometer.

There are lots of drugs circulating these days, especially with the new transfers that came. Some of the wardens can’t handle the large group of inmates, so they don’t mix foreigners and nationals too much. Many foreigners have their dates to go to court for freedom, but Court 7 in Peru Callao doesn’t give freedom because the magistrate doesn’t want to. Isn’t there something someone can do about this? I suppose we have to wait and see who is bigger: God or the magistrate.


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