American Made: Who Killed Barry Seal? Chapter 1

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Barry Seal lived315 Lovers Lane (parents benSr /Mary) later with wife 8216 Oakbrook Dr .Barry Seal civil air patrol -LHO /David Ferrie . Barrys friend John Odom claim that Seal knew them and James Poche oldest sister Nancy Poche hooked me up with Barry he explained. went to school together.Poche became one of Barry Seal’s oldest and best friends.said Poche.I knew Dave Ferrie; and flew around with him a couple of times. He was a friend of mine. Me and another friend, Charlie Heck, bought a Cessna 170 and kept it out at Lakefront, where David Ferrie was based. (Posche & Odom proof Seal knew Ferrie and L H O.)
Barry Seal infamous picture jan22,1963.
Felix ,tosh/Sturgis covered face,Seymour/
Virgilio next to him.(9 months b4 =11/22/63)
jackson burns finds Poteau airport oklahoma that he claims that Barry Seal flew at . jackson burns also claims that Barry Seal flew French Gunmen Corsicans out of Dallas texas where as others say that Barry Seal to fly Lee Harvey Oswald out of Dallas?So who Flew Who?Dan Hopsicker/DebSeal ?Even Tosh Plumlee flew in/out Dallas same day and knew Barry Seal.On April 19, 1968, LucienSarti was arrested along with fellow Corsicans Auguste Joseph Ricord and Francois Chiappe for questioning regarding the robbery of a branch of the National Bank of Argentina.The three were released due to lack of evidence.In April 1972,Lucien Sarti was shot to death in Mexico City during a raid of adrug trafficking ring by the Mexican federal police.(Sam Giacana lived Mexico 1965 - 1975)memo,notes, mentions Jean Souetre, a.k.a. MichelRoux, a.k.a. Michel Mertz – a world-renowned Corsican hit man Connection _trade stretching from Southeast Asia to Marseilles,France, to New Orleans.memo, stamped “SECRET” and dated April 1, 1964, reads as followshe “Mr. Papich” mentioned in the document:____concerning subject )corsican) stating that he had been expelled from U.S. at Fort Worth or Dallas 48 hours after JFK assassination. Barry Seal partner Emile Camp and Roger Reaves both partners in crime with Seal. Roger claims that Seal start work for him early 1980s and Roger Reaves last saw Barry Seal in corral Gables Florida (French Restaurant 1986.Barry Seal account in CariBank Coral Gables Fla ,&banks at Cayland Islands. 2-20-86 Baton Rouge .Seal last days, here he is behind Salvation army Half -way house parked Barry Seal in white cadillac.
Could Barry Seal been depressed losing his assets to the _ _ _ ?Who leak Seal to Escobar picture media?Rumor hitmen came over border Mexico?Seal not allow no protection he was sitDuck?