American Made: Who Killed Barry Seal? Chapter 2 A Young Pilot


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Barry Seal - movie American Made.
Barry Seal -new movie Double-Crossed.
Barry Seal aka Alder Berriman Seal.
dob: July 16,1939 D.o.d.Feb 19,1986 (46yr)
parents : Benjamin Curtis Seal.(1904-1979)
and Mary Lou Seal Nee Delcamtore(1912-2005).
Curtis R Seal.AndBarrySeal -Seems to have been in the civil air patrol.
Probarbly met David Ferrie ,probarbly took him up
in his Stinson plane, which Ferried did with all cadets.
Barry Seal became a pilot and his brothers became
pilots and plane mechanics so whole seal family enjoy planes.
Barry Seal join the same month as Lee Harvey Oswald.
July 27,1955, fellow cap member ,John Odom claims that Barry
Seal met David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald during this time.
Barry Seal was a colorful character as he seems love adventure.
Tosh R Plumlee claims to have known Barry Seal of Louisiana.
Gerry Patrick Hemming claims to have known Barry Seal too.
Barry Seal married 1# Barbara#2Lynn3#Debbie
no guts no glory Barry Seal went where no man would go.
Barry Seal lived 8216 Oak brook Baton Rouge Lousiana.
So it seems that Barry did not hide from noOne ?
Barry Seal own vehicles ,boats, and air planes ?
So difference between man and boy is price of his toys?
Barry Seal brothers have had wonderful careers !
jim garrison arrest ClayShaw 1313 Dauphinest/1022St.pete st.
Clay Shaw address book :lee Odom dallas tx.
Lee Harvey Oswald address book:citation**19106(astericks)
David Ferrie flight plan april 8,1963 from Hamond to garland/dallastx.
on the plane Hidell ,Lambert, Diaz ,plane red/w Cessna .
David Ferrie 1948 Stinson 150 sold plane february 13,1967.
February 22, 1967 - David Ferrie found dead in his apartment ...
3330 Louisiana Parkway Avenue. David Ferrie lived apartment.
fired in the wake of an August 11, 1961, arrest on morals charges.
Jack Martin , David Lewis, Anna Lewis, all came out tied LHO to Ferrie.

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barry Seal Entrepreneur .Texaco Service station .
called B.C. Seal Texaco.located corner Acadian Thruway and
Goverment Street ,Baton Rouge La.Father Benjamin C Seal and the Sons
Benjy Jr,Dean ,Jason ,Aaron, Curtis R,Wendell K, work the gas station and
Barry Seal would work when he wasn't flying.(benji/wendell become pilots) Story from John Odom ,fellow cap member claimed thatBarry Seal met Lee Harvey Oswald training exercise and Barry Seal knew David Ferrie.David Ferrie took everyone up in his Stinson planesbut David Ferrie rented many planes to fly.David Ferrie -1948 Stinson plane #108 2sn 108 1293.Stinson Franklin plane #12974 valued $3,ooo.David Ferrie last payment on car 6-26-19621959 (1960) Ford address 11 Prospect St Alexandria La.(date 11-22-63- ferrie left his 2buddys )David Ferrie flight plan date 4-8-1963.flight plan vfr type craft cessna Name command: W Ferrieaddress command: N.O. departure 13:00 route: Hammond La.1:00 K 7500 Direct Garland Texas. alternate landing: Dallas .Landing:327 Hours 5 30 Min. total number on board :4 =Hidell Lambert Diaz / Color of aircraft : Red /W.David Ferrie plane found :Stinson Voyager 150 Nobleville.Indiana.Don Roberts shed next to eastside of his home next Nobleville Airport - Promise Road - Stinson Voyager Single Engine airplane manufactured 1946.David Ferrie sold stinson planeFebruary 13,1967. To Tom Brister One of his flight Students.David Ferrie Died in his apt February 22,1967. (3330 Louisiana ave )New Orleans La.Eladio Del Valle anti castro cuban died Miami Fla same day.Clay Shaw arrest conspiracy JFK on March 1, 1967.New Orleans conspiracy characters Guy Banister,Jack Martin, Thomas Beckham, Fred Lee Crisman ,Raymond Broshears!Womaack Ins Agent 222 W Thomas St Hammond La.March 24,1964 To Mr Clay Shaw 1313 Daughine St N.O. La.Your dad was in the office about 1962 Rambler policy".Clay Shaw address book: Lee Odom 19106 Dallas Tx.Lee Harvey Oswald address book: citation ** 19106 (astericks).clay Shaw address book: Layton Martens box 544 USL .Lafayette La.( david ferrie roomate and friend) GuyBanister 544 camp /531 Lafayette New Orleans La.(across from post office) Clay Shaw 1024 St Peter N.O.La.Is next to camp -canal -near International trade mart.William Reilly Coffee Company and Crescent City Garage (LHO &JvB worked)G.wray Gil said He was with David Ferrie on 11-22-63 until 12:15.
Ferrie said Marcello deportation trial 11-22-1963 party at hotel to celebrate.
Lee Harvey Oswald friend David/Anna Lewis meet CharleSt Thompson Restaurant.Anna said Marina came in look for LHO.(where anna lewis worked)Then they would go to 500 club free tab from carlos Marcello See Ruby,Ferrie etc.
David Ferrie gas Station 1964 Dav-Al Gulf Service 2316 Veterans Highway Metairie La.Ferrie former address 331 Atherton Dr Metairie.Gordon Novel 124 Lake ave Metairie. Novel lived before left Louisiana 336 Exchange place.(lho kid lived 126 Exchange place) .Clay Shaw Hangout Dixies (KATS( 701 bourbon St.
LHO lived with Murrets 757 French Street New Orleans Louisiana.

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600Canal-Lho lived kid at 126 Exchange Place New is 1/2 block East of Royal -Bourbon Street -Historical Restaurantbar Court of Two SISTERS Building -3 floors 2nd-3rd floor is apartments-round corner thru courtyard - one side Royal and other Side is Bourbon Street -come out (rumor owned Jimmy Cooper 40-56 Pete Marcello andJoe Fein went into business 1963) -Near Preservation Hall .betty Parrot / Leander D'Avy claims to have seen David Ferrie Layton Martens Alvin Beaubouef Melvin coffee Clay Shaw Dean Andrews Guy Banisters With Cubans come n go frequently Court Royal /Bourbon So did L H O have a apartment above Court 2Sisters (Royal /Bourbon 2-3 floor -may of been the StoreRoom turn into a apt -So it goes -is it what it seems- near OLD DIXIES (katz) -Lafittes Bar -Old Opera House - and 500 Canal -Magazine bus -400 Canal -Custom House. Anna Lewis wife David Lewis said they hung out at the OLD opera House listening to music after they went to 500 club and Restaurant bar Thompson Charles st. Think of Barry Seal and Family had a gas station -B.C.Seal Texaco located corner Acadian Thuway /Gov't St Baton Rouge.David Ferrie Gas station 2316 Veterans Highway Metairie Lousiana.Carlos Marcello Town N Country Hotel 1225 Airline Highway New Orleans. Barry seal died Salvation Army 7361 Airline Highway Baton Rouge.July 1955 LHO and Barry Seal Civil Air patrol both knew David Ferrie.
Lee Harvey Oswald picture David Ferrie 1955.