After Prison Show Interview

Just did a podcast with Joe Guerrero (video above). I first recognised Joe's amazing ability to tell a story when he wrote to me in 2014 about getting pee tested in prison. Since his release 2 years ago, Joe has inspired prisoners and young people across the world by his meteoric rise on YouTube, where he now stars in the After Prison Show, which has over half a million subscribers. You can watch his videos here.


interested glaswegian said...

Just watched your interview on APS yer a good person a was remanded in barlinnie for an armed robbery that a had absolutely nothing to do with or new it was even happening it was crazy I had done time convicted but when your in for something you didn't do n looking at double figures it's crazy especially when you find out 3 dys in who committed the robbery n he was a head smaller than me n was a really ugly dood aha! God rest him 7 wks I was in when the crown sent a forensic photographer up to barlinnie to photo me he had seen the photo they had saying it was me this guy working for the Crown (prosecution) done more than my so called lawyer he new it wasnt me in the photo as soon as he met me and I was out today's later the guards didn't like the fact that he said it wasn't me in the photo n said he couldn't take my photo, he did anyway without them knowing I couldnt even sue the polis cos a wud have to prove they knew it wasn't me when they charged me it was obvious they knew it wasn't me but it was a body n that wis enough the funny thing was one of the polis involved was involved in putting the guy in the picture away for 11 yr previously n didn't recognise him. True story. Peace.

Stenge Rockwell said...

I follow aps for some time now and just saw your interview with Joe and was extremely interested by this

Like you I am from the UK sunny Swindon in the south and I also found myself doing some time in Los Angeles county jail on an assault charge that was eventually dropped but pleaded guilty to a public intoxication charge that landed me in the hands of ice where i have similar experience as you did especially the white supremacists and the deportation and spending time in immigration prison

I now live in Canada without documentation and stay pretty lopro and off the grid and almost 6 years after release I still struggle at times and those days incarcerated haunt me and have thought that maybe doing something similar to you and sharing my story might not only help me deal with it but also others but am not sure how to pursue it or what to do exactly