Cheers to 150,000 Subs! + New Events + Letter from Jamie Morgan Kane


Unknown said...

I LOVE WILDMAN!!!!! He is a genuine soul, meaning that he is unable to pretend/act like anyone or anything.... I also have the same 'curse' of only being able to be me, at all times, and in all situations.
That leads to one of only 2 outcomes/results though..., and that is that people either HATE or love the person in question. So I love Peter, and then next time I 'stayover' in q European city on my way back to Spain(my home country) I'm very tempted to spend a day or 2 in widnes and have a few drinks with this MAN and let him know the importance of what he and shaun are doing besides all the feel good stories from/about people. Anyways, I dont know if I would record the 'meet n greet' or not. I'm thinking of keeping the experience to itself

Steve said...

Pepsi Watson was the most interesting guest you've had on for me Shaun, the stories he told were raw and emotional and a real insight into British prison life for someone with no clue to these things, he seems to have managed to find a cause worth fighting and some sort of inner peace from his Buddhism and i'll be looking out for his name in future