Jimmy Saville, Madeline McCann & Elite Chomo Rings - David Icke

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A curious on-line public open youtube debate on #Epstein #FBI #TheDuran -
7 Questions Surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s Mysterious Death - www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ-BvgK22p8
- if you've got a firm stomach, you'd rather learn *the third truth about those paedophile rings ... circles & squares, parcs & the Royal Parquets, the Secret Gardens. Don't miss the vastest children adoption International net CARITAS operated by the Italian Cardinals with intercontinental shipments of the portfolios & children.
[David Icke on] Jimmy Saville, Jeffrey Epstein, Madeline McCann & Elite Chomo [child mollestor, homosexual] Rings - youtube.com/watch?v=5pGk0DVBZkE
[Alan Greene from Know More News] Alex Jones CAUGHT LYING About Epstein Network ~ International Israeli paedophile honey trap blackmail conspiracy - youtube.com/watch?v=diaLruWAfow