Epstein Wexner And Victoria's Secret: Partners In Sex Crimes?

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4kceedee2@gmail.com said...

I think it's awful, how you seem to be milking this story for all you can get out of it & profiting off other people's misery. You don't even bother to verify the imformation you put out there...and just sensationalize everything, because you're obviously greedy. First off, I don't understand how you are trying to portray this as some kind of global pedo blackmail scheme, when the fact of the matter is...there's only ONE victim who's claiming to have had sex with Epstein's black book buddies, and that's Virginia Roberts...THAT'S IT! All the rest are saying they were victim's of J.E alone (and in some cases, Ghislaine) You keep stating that Clinton, and everyone J.E ever made contact with, were obviously being blackmailed and were pedophiles too, the only problem is..none of the victim's are corroborating your theory. Don't you think they would know better than you, who they had sex with? Listen, I believe Epstein was a pedo, and undoubtedly a sex addict, requiring 3 'massages" daily from young girls. I also believe Virginia Roberts claims of sex with Prince Andrew, Dershowitz, etc. But of all the girls who were involved with J.E...she's the ONLY ONE who was subjected to this (being lent out, to his friends) It's hard to imagine this being some massive blackmail pedo ring, when only one girl was involved with these other people...If he had video evidence, what was he gonna do with it, blackmail himself? I do believe that Epstein was involved with these high profile people, and had nefarious ties, that probably had nothing to do with his personal pedo fetish. I think it was more along the lines of weapon/arms dealing...natural resources "Uranium One'..Black Op"s? In fact, there is a substantial amount of evidence that this was going on, and if you did any proper research, you would be aware of this, too. I think your reporting this sensationalized gossip is pretty tacky, and your profiting is all that's really important to you You should be ashamed of yourself, Shaun!