9 July 06

Kissed (Part 2)

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Although I wanted to lock on her face like a wheel clamp and drain her dry of saliva, I tried to act cool.

Approaching her, my heart fluttered.
It all happened so fast.
Hugs and kisses.

As her lips gently brushed mine, I felt an electrical spark. Eyes closed, I travelled elsewhere.

Seated, we laughed and talked incessantly. I couldn’t take my eyes off her's. It was as if our eyes were speaking in a language of their own.

Oudoors, we walked and held hands along Lovers' Lane (laps around the picnic tables). There’s nothing so good for the ego as to be transformed from a celled-up ghost of a Romeo to a cock of the walk.

Royo Girl and I seem to be a match made by Cupid. She is strong and intelligent and soothing to be around. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or anxious in her presence. We dovetailed.

The visit ended with more hugs and kisses.

Royo Girl departed with flowers from the garden where Xena works. A bouquet of African daisies, bachelor buttons and zinnias.

Do I have a have a future with Royo Girl? I thought as I walked back to the yard. Have you lost your mind? You can't think like that after just one visit. My sister is right about me falling in love too easily. What’s wrong with me? But some force is at work here. What was the chance of us getting along like we did? But there are so many things aginst us ever being together. It’s because you're a prisoner you’re desperate for female attention. Stop the romantic thoughts. You sound like a teenager. But I can't get her out of my mind.

Back in my cell, I was visited by Jack. Jack is one of the brightest people I’ve met inside. He calculates math quicker than a Pentium.

"How did your visit go?” Jack asked.
“I can still feel the electricity. We chatted and giggled like little kids for over four hours. The other visitors seemed poker faced in comparison.”
“Did you feel there was relationship potential?”
“I did, but I can’t expect anything like that. I don’t want to be a prison boyfriend. She’s got her life to lead and I’m stuck in here. It’s not fair until I’m released.”
“That’s a sensible and mature answer. Surprising coming from you.”

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AndrewM said...

Well done. Keep a lid on it.

However things turn out, no-one can take away this good feeling.

Tony said...

I bet second stanza of David Bowie's "Time" was re-enacted before your conversation.

Yeah, like you just went to your house and sat waiting for a mate.



Anonymous said...

Go Jon! I've been reading your blog for over a year now. I'm living in England and have been involved in the rave scene, but am also enjoying living the relative high-life of a high-paid job and I guess I see some paralells between us. I keep telling myself I'll write to you properly one of these days. Even with your blog posts, I can't imagine what you're going through on the inside, and can never appreciate all the stuff I take for granted. Keep the faith and I wish you the very best of luck always. You really are a trooper and your blog is an inspiration to me.