25 Sept 06


My neighbour two doors down, Infamous – a Chicano with a ponytail who wears a gold gangsta ring – ran a cross-border drug operation.
After reading through his police reports, I asked him some questions about his case.
“How did all the wheeler-dealing come about?”
“My father came from Mexico to Wellton, Arizona to work for my grandfather. He eloped with my mother - that’s how I came about. He had a farm fifty miles from Yuma, and he started bringin’ loads of drugs across from San Luis, Mexico. Slowly, I got involved. My father passed away in ’88 – killed by cops in Winterhaven, California. I went to prison and got out in October 2000. I wasn’t gonna mess around, but I went broke and started dealin’ again. Before I know it I’m havin’ females bring anywhere from ten to fifteen pounds of ice and glass over the border.”
“I read some of the women were keystering it. How much could they hold inside them?”
“Two and a half to three pounds packed in big condoms or cellophane.”
“If glass is super tweak then what’s ice?”
“Pressure-cooked glass.”
“Why did you bring it from Mexico instead of cooking it in Yuma?”
“I am literate in the process of cookin’ dope, but I was on parole. So I’m rollin’, but I end up in jail on smaller charges. I’m in the state pen and I get page-twoed [indicted] for illegal control of an enterprise to bring drugs into the country, and there’s twenty-four witnesses against me. Ten I didn’t even know. The case had been built by US Customs, Homeland Security, the Southwest Border Alliance, the FBI, and Immigration, over four years and I didn’t even know about it. I ended up signin’ for six-and-a-half years with three years intense probation, and here I am waitin’ to get out with two years to go.”
“So you got prosecuted by the same people as me then: the AG’s Organized Crime Division?”
“Yeah, by Terry Goddard and Billie Rosen.”
“So are you gonna party when you get out?”
“I will when I’m off parole. I don’t fuck around in here though. Whattaya gonna do getting’ high in here? Jack off all night or go fuck a man? I’m not doin’ none of the two.”

Did Infamous get lucky receiving only a six-and-a-half year sentence?

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Anonymous said...

Infamous definitly got LUCKY! Its nuts that he got off so easy, putting himself and so many people in danger.
I know of someone who recieved 5 and a half years for trying to go through the USA border just to visit (NO DRUGS!)no joke. He had a prior record in the USA that he had already served his time for, so before he went he received legal advice and was told it would be OK for him to go. He was not told it would be necessary to have legal written permission, of course he found out alot later after the fact that HE DID. Now he has to pay for it as well as his friends and family, because he was mis-informed by a well paid lawyer.
The laws need to be put together better and the system needs to get it together. In many cases it hurts more than it helps, wether it be that more time is needed or less time. Thank you

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