24 Dec 07

Happy Christmas!

Thanks for all of your comments and support.

We had a family get-together last night and about sixty people showed up, so I'm taking it easy today.

I hope you all have a great Christmas.




Anonymous said...

Can’t post comments and can’t understand why at mo!!
I am one of those people who has read your blog for ages but never commented before. I think you know that all the readers wish you a Happy Christmas and peace in the New Year - what has driven me to comment is i have an op for cancer on 27th - i could have had it today (pah my 19 and 21 yo wd not like mum's christmas veg - only been on the boil for 4 months!!!! (doh - cancer -it happens).
So back to the point - when I was diagnosed I decided I needed to actually do more and tell/say... this is why I am commenting...... your blog and your parents have made me laugh, cry and yell with anger. I love your mum's blog and she sounds an amazing woman.
Back in UK must be weird.Give yourself time and be kind but also enjoy.
Have a happy Christmas Shaun and give your mum a hug from me!
J x

Don said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family from us here at Puggingham Palace!

D and P

Anonymous said...