03 Jan 09

From Shane (Letter 3)

Shane - After being denied psychiatric medication by ValueOptions, Shane turned to illegal drugs financed by burglaries. For stealing a few hundred dollars worth of goods, he was sentenced by Judge Ron Reinstein to eleven years. The medication in prison caused him to suffer a period of spontaneous ejaculations. Shane is the author of the blog Persevering Prison Pages.



I’ve really enjoyed your readers' comments on my writings. I’ve tried to continue the work you began all those years ago in Arpaio’s roach motel on Madison Street. Adding my own style and a bit more in-your-face attitude. I believe it’s important to keep this blog open for us prisoners and it gives me a voice outside. I’ll continue to write and share on jonsjailjournal and my own blogs, as long as there are readers welcoming my stories and letters.

I’d also like to thank you, Jose in San Diego, big Jason, and everybody else who has been down [in prison] and comments. You give credence to what’s being written and stand up for a cause that you’ve personally seen and/or experienced. For many readers it’s just sad, scary and disgusting, and sometimes funny as our stories show. For those who’ve been down and survived it, it’s flashbacks from your own past. Thanks and much L&R!

Here’s my response to Jessica's skinhead-story comment on Ms. G: Nobility is best judged by a person's actions rather than their ideologies. The skins acted with nobility. Three things that impress me: integrity, chivalry, and NOBILITY.

I want to write and warn you not to let any women you date lure you back into the scene that got you your illustrious stay here at the Tucson Hilton! It’s easy to get distracted and find yourself in a bad place.

I talked to Slingblade. He said he got your letters and never wrote back. I told him I’d mail a letter to you from him and he just mumbled and walked away. His mind seems to have deteriorated so much I don't think he even understands you're trying to help him get out. The staff here won't help him, and without outside help he has no hope.

In closing this short note, I’d like to add to Sue O’s comment to “What Comes Around”. I am always looking for people to write. You can email Shaun your address if you’d like to write to me, or you can find mine at my blog.

Well, I’ll go for the time being. Take care and watch that edge!

I’m out!



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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Thank you to Shane for your comment about me. I am a regular reader of your blog as well, and I promise in 2009 to post comments. And to all the regulars on here, head on over to Shanes, it is insightful and humorous. Pay it a visit. To all the regualr readers and posters still lock down, Happy New Year and blessings to you all and your fam. I look forward to your comments and posts in 09. Keep on keepin' on and support each other. Thank you Jon for always posting and never forget about us. And about Sheriff Joe Arpaio...one thing is for certain...NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. Either old age will get you or a new candidate one of these years. You can't reign in terror for eternity, and you will get yours...that's a fact!!!

PEACE. -Jose in San Diego.

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