Podcast Of Monday's Radio Interview

I was on the Duncan Barkes Show last Monday morning. We discussed how the first year of my release has unfolded, what Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been up to lately, and I read some excerpts from the book I’m shaping up with the help of my mentor, Sally Hinchcliffe, tentatively titled Green Bologna and Pink Boxers: Surviving Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Jail.

You can listen to the broadcast here: http://www.whatson.com/goto/?type=radio&station=citytalk&show=a_shaun_attwood__1_year_on

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Shaun P. Attwood


Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

I'll be sitting down to listen later today. It's so cool that you are now sharing bits of your book-how far you've come in a year's time!

Anonymous said...

its cool you are so proactive after your release. that story of the beatdown was very vivid and brutal, wow. did the dude ever live? i remember when sheriff joe arrested a guy they thought was guilty of molesting and killing this 7 or 8 yo girl. they put him in with others and they beat him so bad he had his spleen removed. the guy was in the wrong place at wrong time ,had nothing to do with the case and was innocent , yet sheriff joe doesnt care, its blood entertainment for inmates/guards i suppose. when i was in prison, it wasnt uncommon for guards to pop dorrs to allow beating, stabbings and more. piss off the wrong guard and you might get smashed, all too common. well, nice radio interview and good to hear about your progress.
~big jason~

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