13 Apr 09

Jail Mail (by Andrea)

Andrea - A 29-year-old Scottish woman writing from a maximum-security prison in England. She suffered years of domestic violence, and was arrested for the attempted murder of her most recent boyfriend after he punched her in the face. She pled guilty to wounding, and is scheduled for release in 2010.

The unwanted attention started on the prison van heading towards my new home. Sitting quietly in a small compartment, I heard a male voice say, “What’s your name?” I replied, and a conversation began that lasted the whole journey. To be honest, if we hadn’t arrived when we did, I would have fallen asleep.
As my feet hit the prison ground for the first time, I heard him shout for my prison number. “No,” I said, as I didn’t know what it was yet. I never got a chance to see what he looked like, but as I made my way out of the van, he got a good look at me.

A week later, I received mail from him and a couple of other prisoners. I had no clue who they were. At first, the letters were nice to read, and gave me the ins and outs of prison life, which was a great help.
But things soon got out of control! As the days and weeks went on, I received daily letters from what seemed like most of the men’s side of the prison. My mind was blown by the contents of these letters: funny, sick, perverted…Now I know what they get up to at nights! Let me say for vivid imaginations, England 10-4 Scotland.

My details got passed around like tobacco. I received photos of some of these blokes. And cards. But mostly the contents of their vivid imaginations! One in particular who still writes, told me how he got caught tossing off in his cell. He must have been mortified. I mean, how could he ever look the officers straight in the face again? I wouldn’t!

As time went on I stopped writing to them. I just couldn’t take it any more. It was just too crazy! Writing filth to a person you’ve never met is too personal in my eyes.
I have kept contact with a handful of them, the ones who talk sense, mostly long-term prisoners.
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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

why do the long term ptrisoners talk the most sense?

Jon said...

From what I experienced, many of the lifers seemed more settled and less inclined to cause trouble than the youngsters looking to make a name for themselves.

Shaun Attwood