The Attack on T-Bone (Part 2 by T-Bone)

T-Bone - Radiating power and strength, this deeply-spiritual massively-built African American towers over most inmates. He is a prison gladiator with more stab wounds than Julius Caesar. A good man to have on your side.

“What’s up? What’s all this about?” I asked one of them.
He had a piece of paper with all this stuff written on it. It had my name on it besides some numbers. “You need to pay up, or else I’m gonna take it outta your butt.” He really used that word butt!
I looked at him and said, “You’re kidding me,” and laughed.
I feinted at him like I was going to hit him, not seeing the shank [knife] he had under his writing pad.

Wham! He hit me in my chest. I knocked the knife up with my right hand, and hit him with a left hook. He picked up a cup full of piss and other things and threw it at me. Then he came at me again with that knife. I hit him with a right hand alongside the head. His celly came behind me and tried to hit me from the back. I sidestepped him and smacked him upside the head. I left the cell.

His celly tried to get a weapon from someone. They wouldn’t give him one. He tried to grab a mop handle, but I pushed him, and he dropped it. He went to another cell, and got a four-foot-long metal bar. He came at me and was trying to swing. I grabbed it, and kicked his inner thigh twice. He kicked me in the stomach. I stepped on his inner foot, and pushed him to the ground. I side-mounted him, held him down with that bar, and told him to let it go.
The end of the bar broke about four inches. How? I believe God did it. I picked that up and told him to let go of the rest of the bar or I would crush his skull. He let go of it.
I gave the two bars to a youngster standing behind me. He threw them in the trash. I stood up and hit the guy who’d let the bar go twice. Wham! He was on the ground when the cops came in. It was all over.

It all started because I tried to help a guy get straight. They saw it as a sign of weakness, but I don’t think they will anymore.
And as you know, I hate to see people take advantage of the weak. I told them to leave him alone, and as you can see, they didn’t listen.

I am OK. Everything worked out for the better. I am in good spirits.

Much love!


T-Bone has one week left to serve, so please feel free to leave greetings for him in the comments section below.

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...


Jon said...


You have proven to be a hero and true spiritual warrior to me and so many others.

It's fantastic that you are getting out, that you are about to embark on a new life with a more meaningful direction than you had before prison. I have faith that you will do well.

We have so much L&R for you for sharing your life with us at considerable risk to your personal safety. By standing up for the weak, you've shown a heart that matches the size of that big body of yours.

Best of luck out there, my friend, and we all hope you'll stay in touch.

Shaun Attwood

Anonymous said...

i want to ask you whwn is timothy coming out of jail??? does he have anybody who help him get back on his feet?? i really wish him all the best tell him that he is on my mind and i will pray for him jesus is going to help him

Jon said...

I think he gets out on Monday. I don't remember him getting visitors at the prison, so I don't believe he has much outside help. In Arizona, released prisoners are given $50 "gate money" and left to fend for themselves.

Anonymous said...

T Bone
its been a pleasure reading anout your exploits, stay safe


Lady Arkles said...

Wishing you the very best of luck, mate.
You can find some good resources and support at

May each dawn bring you new joys!

Rachel xx

Dirtos said...

T Bone, I've enjoyed reading Jon's blog for many years now. It's always been fascinating, moving, scary, and funny in equal measures and your contributions to this have played no small part in what makes it so good. Congratulations on your release and I wish you all the best in the future and hope your life pans out in a positive and productive manner. Good luck and all the best old chap.

Derick and Barbara said...

T-Bone, many thanks for all your help to our son during his incarceration, you have been an inspiration to him and to many others, both inside and outside the razor wire.
The very best of luck for your future.
Love & respect,
Derick & Barbara Attwood

Lisa B. said...


All the best to you! I hope you continue to be strong. I sincerely hope life treats you well on the outside. You deserve it.


Anonymous said...

If there is such a thing as karma, then good things are coming your way. I have followed the jail stories with interest and have been greatly impressed by your resolve. You do good things in a bad world - not an easy thing. Good luck for the future T-bone.
P.S. sorry about being anonymous... I dont have an account.

leigh said...

good luck out there! i know it has to be hard to re-adjust and get back in the swing of life on the outside. i found this resource which is mostly for veterans but it has some other useful info:

also, i've heard that Petsmart and Starbucks often times will hire people with felonies. and you might try to get bonded by some agency like the dept of labor?

August~ said...

Dear TBone,
Thank you for not becoming a monster, even though it is encouraged. It takes character to stand against popular actions of cons, big charater.
It wont be easy when you get out, finding work, and reporting (if you have to). But never feel like less of a man when someone turns you down. Make it your goal to slowly realisticly bring yourself up, to the man you always wanted to be, on the outside.
Remember, its never about what you dont have, its about feeling good about who you are on the inside, and not doing things that will promote guilt or shame. We are as sick as our secrets, so, dont make any more.
Try to keep your paranoia down, the idea that everyones watching you. They arent. I know that will be hard. Ask for strength and patience, and the will to get through each day, no matter how strange you feel at first.
Keep your heart open, and the right things will come to you.
Stay away from those places, that you know, are connected to your old ways.
I wish you wisom fearlessness (those citizens can be kinda scarey !) and the grace to fight the odds.
Never give up.
With love, Miss August~

Anonymous said...

'What you put out, comes back!' is the spiritual basis of understanding life, and all that life throws at us.

As Jon discovered for himself, no-one is set a task greater than their capacity to achieve it, and no-one is ever really alone.

Jon was given support from both within and without prison, developed greatly on his own account, and helped develop others.

You, T-Bone, were there for Jon, as you were there for others.

As the last days pass before your release to freedom, there are many people aware of you, and wishing you all the best.

Jon is demonstrating his ability to thrive outside the goldfish bowl of prison; we sincerely hope that you will too.

I have a feeling that life will offer you wonderful opportunities.

Good luck! Zen :-)

Vanessa said...

Sending you some good wishes and prayers. I started to say that I hope that when you leave you will never look back, but I suspect that part of the truth you will find is that you will need to reexamine those (lost? for lack of a better word) years.

Here's to an easier life. I think good things are ahead for you. Be well.

Sparkey Greenberg said...

Dear Sir,

Please write a book!

Anonymous said...

Dear T-Bone,

You finally made it to the outside buddy. Please take care out there, take it from one day to another day. You will be my hero forever.
I wish you all the luck of the world, you deserve it buddy.

Take care,

Micky of Belgium (longtime buddy of Frankie the Bootybandit)

Victoria Law said...

Best of luck. Stay strong.

Teen In Jail said...

I wish you the best in your future endeavors. I'll be praying for you. Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

May the rest of your life on Earth be filled with compassion and Love.
Be Well,

Anonymous said...

you can do it T-Bone!


Anonymous said...

dear timothy,

today is a wonderful day the first day of your new life i wish you all the luck in this world that you find a job a nice home and a good woman who cares for you i will pray that the lord help you to get back on your feet he will help you i know that there is no doubt in my mind about that keep your head up even though it get rough sometimes you will make it god bless you my friend always lol


Anonymous said...


Wishing you all the best with regard to your upcoming release. You have an incredible amount of inner and emotional strength, use those tools to achieve your full potential on the outside. You have far too much to offer to live in a cage again. If/when you hit points that feel overwhelming or difficult, reach from within to push yourself past those momentary obsticles. You learned the rules of survival on the inside, you can definitely learn the rules of survival on the outside. I believe in you, and have no doubts that you have the ability to reach your full potential on the outside. Remember, life is cyclical, there will be upswings and downswings. Don't let the downswings defeat you. Hold on strong until the next up cycle comes along...they always do.

M said...

Timothy, I am so sorry that I have not written. I have my own troubles as well. Please know that I often think of you and I hope the absolute best for you. I know a few people who have made it on the outside...its difficult in the beginning. Please look me up if you are in my neighborhood my address is the same. Peace be with you. M