21 June 06


Fresh from the hole after smashing a prison rapist, African American T-Bone arrived at Yard 4 looking as if he had just walked out of a Conan movie. Almost six-foot-six tall, weighing over three-hundred pounds, with arms that made his 6XL T-shirt look too small, T-Bone has got to be one of the toughest men on the yard. His body is covered in scars from stab wounds - which naturally caused my anecdote detector to start beeping. We talked, and I discovered an incredible story behind each scar. He said he had heard of my good reputation, and that he hoped nobody here has given me "any shit." After divulging his charges (drugs and violent crimes) he told me about a fight with an ex-cellmate.

“What did your celly look like?”
“He was six-feet tall and about 230 pounds. He had gold teeth and long greasy hair. He was a strong man. A cut up dude. He was benchin’ 385, squattin’ 475, and dead liftin’ 400 or more.”
“Wow! Why’d you get into it with him?”
“It came about 'cause he was a raper. He was rapin’ people on the yard. He raped a retarded kid with mental problems, in our cell. I said to him, ‘It smells like crap in here. What’s been goin’ on man?’ He said, ‘Whattaya thinks goin’ on? I just got me some.’ I told him, ‘Man, you’ve gotta get your nasty tail up outta here.’ He said, ‘No. You gotta get your tail outta here. You ain’t nothin’ but a punk anyway, and I’m gonna cut ya.’ He stood up, lookin’ at me all crazy. I hit him with a straight right and broke his jaw in two places. He lost four teeth. Another blow fractured his eye socket. I hit him flush and he was out.”
“What’s flush?”
“Flat. I thought he was dead. I laid him on his bunk and took a shower. When I came back, he was still on his bunk callin’ for his mama. Some white guys came over who wanted to kill him 'cause the dude he raped was a white guy. I stopped that. He was alone on his bunk, bleedin’ and groanin’, and I looked in his eyes and I saw a spark like he was becomin’ more aware.”
“Was he regrouping?”
“He had regrouped. From the top bunk, I moved my right leg. He jumped up. He had a rod of finely-sharpened iron. An eight-inch blade with a rag on one end and a real nice point on the other. I backhanded the wrist of the hand holdin’ the shank. He came at me. His eyes were red with rage. His jaw was swollen up. Blood was comin’ outta the corner of his mouth. He had death in his eyes - black pupils totally empty and void of emotion and feeling. I still have nightmares about the way he looked. He made his move: a lunge. I hit him in the right eye and he stumbled back. I kicked him in his right thigh and I felt my foot penetrate the muscle down to the bone. I knew I had to disarm him. His leg was momentarily numb, so in a split second I grabbed his right hand with both of mine and twisted his wrist. I broke his wrist and elbow, and kicked him in his lung.”
“Did he go down?”
“Oh yeah, he was finished. I put him on his bunk but he couldn’t keep still 'cause of the pain. An hour later it’s count time. A cop comes by. I’m usin’ the toilet. My celly rolled over and blood came outta his mouth in front of the cop. He said I’d assaulted him in his sleep. They took me to the hole. I was charged with dangerous and deadly assault on an inmate. I got a
seven-and-a-half-year sentence that ran concurrent with my other time.”
“So you did no additional prison time 'cause of the fight?”
“No, but the cops thought I was a real bad character after that.”

I now have two books featuring T-Bone, the hard-hitting Prison Time and a self-help book, Lessons from a Drug Lord – both include T-Bone fight stories

Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

He seems a nice chap.

I agree with everything he says. Ever.

Anonymous said...

how did he get the name tbone i wander ? sounds like a great dude to keep an eye on you Jon

Anonymous said...

Well, he may be in jail for i don't know what, but at least he got a certain sence of justice in him...

Keep on blogging about him, i think T-bone may have some pretty good stories with him.

grtz and take care

Anonymous said...

T-Bone sounds like a good guy to have on your side and definitely not somebody to have against you.

Anonymous said...

T-Bone: I don't know if there's a future for you here in the states but if you ever feel like learning a second language, there are plenty of communities in Afica who could really use 'security personnel' who can manage to be discrete, keep their eyes open and make the right kinds of friends. What the 'powers that be' are doing to black people in Uganda, Mogadishu, Sudan, etc., is unforgivable. Keep your head together, learn how to disassamble, clean and repair some of the more popular assault weapons and take your ass to where they need you. You've got the potential to be a great asset to humanity whether you or anyone else knows it or not.
Be well and treat Jon right.

John said...

Yipes. That's harsh stuff.
Have you ever done a post on what the prison workout plan is? What sort of nourishment, what sort of sleep, what sort of exercise? I'd be curious how a man gets that strong.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me I like the guy. Seriosly, he's like from movie,Samuel L Jackson can be compared with him, right?
P.S. about the anecdote beeper - very good, made me smile:)

Anonymous said...

T-Bone Sounds like Conan the fricking barbarian. I kept on expecting him to say "and then I pulled his head off with my bare hands"! More more !!

Ben D. in London (who definitely owes Jon a drink when he gets out)

Anonymous said...

Jon, please give us some insight on the priosn wokrout plan. Nourishment and so on. Sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Hi T-bone......glad to hear you put the raper in the hospital......He shouldn't be raping people........

i'd like to hear about the work outs too.......but I already know it don't take much to make an already strong man ........stronger

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, please do give us the low down on prison workout programs.

Sets, reps, how many days a week?

Are these guys getting huge with bodyweight exercises and calisthenics? Or do they have access to weights as well? (perhaps they rig up some makeshift equipment in their cells?)

Does prison food provide sufficient nutrition to provide for lots of mass gains? Or are they sneaking in supplements?

Really interested in this topic, and would love to hear an insider's take on it.

Anonymous said...

T-bone sounds cool and chilled out with his time he is doing. Most of those who left comments have agreed that he is good to have on your side. My view is that you don't have an option to have him any other way really, this type of man you just cant fall out with. My concern for you woould be that he gests too friendly with you, he does you a few favours, and you owe him, or he owns you. you know the score, I dont need to tell you. T-bone, I say to you 'stay cool', you've a lot to learn from this 'brit', he will reward you in more ways than you can imagine

Anonymous said...

Prison is *real*. I don't ever want to go.

Dave McAvoy said...

I say well done T-Bone for "doing" the swine. Raping anyone, but especially a retarded kid, is just not fucking on.
Great blog by the way man.

prophet said...

sounds like he was a better celly than Gerard Gravano...

Anonymous said...

according to shaun you sound like a really good lad sticking up for eveyone!

Anonymous said...

T-bone's a really nice person defending both the white person and the cell mate

Gemma B said...

After reading the book that Shaun wrote all about you, T-Bone, you're a bloody gift! You've done wrong yet you are trying to make it right by helping other inmates. There must be someone up there who likes you alot, and I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to like you. You seem so genuine and you have a big heart!
Love to you:).
Keep helping and righting the wrongs!
Gemma B

max said...

TBone way to go, not for me to say how to handle your business but next time you have the advantage with a dangerous rapist don't let him recover, especially if he has a shank!

Finish the job man right away. Your like a real live Terminator.

My question you must need a lot of calories to police the Pod, please tell me how I can put some money on the books so you have enough nutrition to continue your good works, he'll I would even buy a T-Bone T-shirt.

Unknown said...

T-Bone sounds like the hardest motherfucker I've ever read about. There's nothing left to say. Fuck boxing, fuck MMA. I'd rather go T-Bone on a nigga.

Jon said...


email me at attwood.shaun@hotmail.co.uk

Shaun Attwood