How to Survive Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Jail System (Part 2)

Due to the success of part 1, I just added this follow up. Click here or on the video if you want to see the full-screen version at YouTube.

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FunkyLouis said...

Shaun, got a question for ya-------In settings such as these with strict racial divides, where do people such as myself fit in? I am of Melungeon heritage and appear white but possibly have tri-racial make up (Native American/European/Anatolian. Are there any groups of mixed races that aren't power players but still clique up?

I have read many of "Warrior's" stories and have a feel for some of the hierarchy and standings of racial class but would like to have a more clear explanation if possible with regards too the above mention bi/tri racial heritage.

Jon said...

Inside, if you were full Native American or mixed race, including Native American, you were classified as a "chief." In a 45 man jail pod, a lone chief would generally sit with the Mexican Americans. In prison, the chiefs have larger numbers, sit together and in some cases have sweat lodges.

If you don't fit into any of the major racial categories, it's going to be a rough ride. In Towers jail, there was a Muslim from the Balkans that got smashed everywhere he was housed.

Anonymous said...

one love my jail friends. big shout out 4 all the jails boys peace 2 u all

Lee Scott

Anonymous said...

What if you were really from another planet? I would like you anyway

Roxanne Greschner

Chris H said...

Big Dawg

Are there not Muslim groups in Jails/Prisons? Must be tough with all the discrimination they face.... Not safe at all.

Have you managed to clock any of O.Z yet? There's a Muslim group in that and they seem to club together in a non-violent way, obviously I don't know if that's just fictional or how Muslims choose to live inside?

Anyhoo, you need to have a word with your Director/Producer for these videos... Shadows moving back and forth across the set, someone's phone went off(!).

SOS them ;)


Chris H