Breaking News: Warrior Under Threat

I received some news. One of the individuals that attempted to murder me a few years ago is about to be moved to my yard. I have no doubt that he’ll show up on my side of the yard and probably in the same building. As I’ve said before: “Life will test your resolve.” When I heard this news, I felt boiling blood course through my veins. I remember the day they tried to kill me as though it had occurred yesterday. When I recovered, I knew I’d run into this individual once again.
At one side, I have hate and anger, on the other side, logic and reason. I’m trying not to make an emotional decision. This time, he won’t have five others with him. Five barely made it fair back then, but I lived, so I can’t complain.
Now the question on my mind is “Where do we go from here?”

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Our friends inside appreciate your comments.


Anonymous said...

Warrior should stay clear of this guy and not be provoked into doing anythng that might increase his sentence.


Anonymous said...

Shank that MF!!

Anonymous said...

The predicated action would depend on multiple scenarios which most readers wouldn't know: - How long till this prisoner gets out? - Does he care about his standing in prison - What would avoiding a fight mean in the prison hierarchy? - Does he have enough standing to avoid the confrontation yet not have to pay the price of the avoidance - How much additional time would he get if he were caught - What would be the trade off between saving face and trouble to find an equilibrium I could go on...

Jon said...

To the previous anonymous commenter: thanks for pointing that out. I've adjusted things accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Shaun, I have have a couple questions that maybe you can shed some light on. Why was Warrior attacked in the first place that lead to this incident? It states he was shanked and almost murdered. If you can shed some light on that please. As well, did he ever click up or tow the line for a car? (prison gang for those who are not aware) Thank you. -Jose in San Diego. p.s. is T-Bone out?

Jon said...


T-Bone is out, but hasn't been in touch.

Warrior was referred to JJJ by Two Tonys, so I don't know his full prison history. I will forward your question to him, and I'm sure he'll be happy to answer it here.