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Jose in San Diego wrote: Can you please shed a little light on a few people? Did T-Bone get out on schedule? What about a few of the other regulars from back in the day? Any word from Xena, Kat, Max? There were some other interesting inmates like Certified. What happened to Royo Girl? If Sheriff Joe went to England to meet with you, would you meet with him as well? How are your other projects?

T-Bone – I’m trying to get to the bottom of his situation. He was released on parole late last year. According to his prison page, he absconded. It’s showing he had a new release date of Aug 9th, 2010.

Max – I haven't heard from him recently, but I suspect that in the present economic environment he no longer has the high-paying job he mentioned here. He'd certainly come a long way since selling his semen to a prison pervert.

Xena – “Her” last letter was received a year ago, months after "she" attempted to cut "her" man parts off.

Kat and Certified – Have never written since my release.

Frankie – I finally received a letter from him, which will be posted soon.

Wild Man – I recorded some of his stories on my Dictaphone, and will be posting them soon.

Two Tonys – He was moved out of Medical, which I take as a sign of a positive development in his battle with cancer.  

Royo Girl – We are still in touch and she has a new boyfriend.

Weird Al and Iron Man – I hear from them regularly. Theyre both thriving as law-abiding citizens in Tucson.

If Sheriff Joe Arpaio flew to England I would be glad to meet him. Ideally, we’d debate his jail conditions on live TV. I wonder if he’s up for the challenge?

My main project right now is polishing up the prequel to Hard Time. I’m at 110,000 words. I’m trying to inject more humour, and strengthen the prose. With the school term about to start, I’ll be back on the road doing talks again. I’m also looking forward to the Hard Time event at the Royal Festival Hall on October 21st. Four people, including 3 of my blog readers, are flying from America for it, and two from Ireland. Then on October 29th is the Hard Time hometown launch party at my cousin’s pub: The 8 Towers in Widnes, Cheshire. Readers of Jon's Jail Journal are more than welcome to attend both events. Click here for further details of these events.

Thanks for your questions, Jose!

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