06 Aug 08

Max’s Success Story

Max - A car-jacking Chukchansi Indian who entered prison as a teenager and went home to Las Vegas in 2007. His sexual adventures in prison include trading semen to an old pervert for commissary items.

I recently called Max in Las Vegas.
“When you first came out of prison was it difficult finding a job?” I asked.
“For my first three months, I was working various jobs for like seven bucks an hour, dude. I couldn’t get a good job. The criminal record hindered me, and the lack of verifiable work experience.”
“Then what happened?”
“I went to a temp agency, and the owner took a shine to me, man. He literally gave me a break. I had someone looking over me. I get chills thinking about it. He hired me, and promoted me after I got a BA in Business Administration. Now I’ve got my own car, my own place in the best part of Vegas – the Green Valley, Anthem area. It’s been a very good ride. I haven’t had no run-ins with the law.”
“How’s parole?”
“I just go in once a month, pay him a forty-dollar fee. I don’t even get drug tested. He came to my graduation, and he literally has a picture of me in his office.”
“How come?”
“I’m a model ex con, I guess.”
“How're you finding your relations with other people?”
“Nobody I come into contact with ever guesses I was in prison. And, England, get this: guess what my salary is buddy?”
“Three to four thou a month?”
“Way way wrong. I’m on one-hundred-and-thirty-five grand a year.”
“That’s incredible! Doing what?”
“I’m a headhunter. I find people jobs for companies like IBM, Starbucks, MGM.”
“What was your last paycheck?”
“Seventy-eight hundred on Tuesday.”
“How many hours are you putting in?”
“Sometimes twenty, sometimes fifty. I play on the computer a lot.”
“How did you get such a high-power job so fast?”
“I worked for him for a week at seven dollars an hour moving furniture. He offered me an office job, and said if I do good for six months he’ll promote me. I got my degree in March –”
“Hold up, how could you get a degree within a year of your release?”
“I already had the college credits done in prison. I only had to take six classes. Finance 501. Some shit like that. Politics. Nevada Title.”
“So he promoted you from what to what?”
“I was a staff coordinator. I sat in the office dispatching employees, setting up new accounts, dealing with payrolls. He promoted me to staff consultant. I meet with various customers. I was in New York last week with a V.A.R. for IBM.”
“Valued Asset Representative.”
“This is one of the most amazing post-release stories I’ve heard.”
“I’ve got myself a nice little ride, man, the dream car I always wanted. A four-door Jeep Wrangler. Twenty-eight grand off the lot, paid cash.”
“How’s your love life?”
“I might sound like a whore. I haven’t found one special person. It’s thirty-five plus women since I’ve been out. One bad thing I picked up in prison is the lack of emotional attachment. I’ve come across some great women. They wanted to move forward, do the boyfriend-girlfriend thing, but it’s not me.”
“What do you do on the weekends?”
“I generally go San Diego. Surfing and swimming.”
“How’s Mom?”
“Mom’s really proud of me.”
“Have you felt discriminated against because you’ve been in prison?”
“I haven’t had to deal with that. I’ve changed my attitude, the way I talk. I wear tailored suits every day: Armani and Cassini.”
“I’m proud you’ve accomplished so much, Max. You’ve come along way from carjacking someone at gunpoint and serving eight years. Where do you go from here?”
“Even higher. I wanna be VP, making that five-to-six-million-a-year salary. My company is nationwide. I can go anywhere. I met a woman from Cheshire in Vegas, and I’d like to come and visit you and her next year.”
“You’re always welcome. That’d make you the first of the prisoners I write about to come to England. It’s sad that most prisoners I saw get out, came right back to prison.”
“I love life, man. I don’t ever wanna go back to that fucking place. Why would anyone put themselves in jeopardy to go back there?”

Is there any chance Max will end up back in prison?

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Sue said...

I'm so glad Max is doing well right now.

Max - I really, really hope you're one of the few percent that don't go back to prison..........but..........can I say that you shouldn't let what you have now go to your head? Yes, enjoy it by all means, but don't let it lead you back into your old life.

Oh, and Stealth, one of my insane kittums, is headbutting my keyboard and he wants you to do the right thing too :D

Sue from Hull, now in Costa Mesta (god, that's getting to be a lame nametag too)

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

Sounds terrific-the only thing that stood out to me was the trouble with emotional attachment. But loving life is a good thing, as long as things don't become a substitute for good relationships, and I don't just mean girlfriends. With money and means come temptations. I would say good luck, and I think that is part of the equation, but so are good decisions.

KimberlyDi said...

I always seemed to mess up when my life was going great. Self sabotage because I believed it couldn't last and couldn't stand the wait?

Anonymous said...

Statistically: Yup.

Anonymous said...

See! See! I told you! It is possible to be successful upon release, no matter which road led you to prison before hand. It is a statistical fact that most will end up right back, but if you condition yourself to change your mindset anything is possible. The easy way is the "This is all I know" storyline. BULLSHIT. Pure bullshit. Keep coming with the success stories and show Joe Arpaio he can go find a sardine pool to hook the fish from somewhere else, not from the School of Jon!

Max's success deserves nothing short of a standing applause. WE commend you on your success.

Now to the question at hand about him not returning. It is completely up to him. As long as he keeps his head on his shoulders and stays square he is good to go.

No drunk driving, no hangoing around hardheads, keep a tight circle of like minded business men, and avoid unstable women. Play that checklist right and you will be fine Max. God bless and best wishes.

Tell Max that next time he comes down to San Diego to look me up in Mission Beach, between lifeguard tower 13. I am there every Saturday relaxing with my lady and enjoying the sun. He cant' miss my SD tattoos and bald head. Well actually that describes half the people on the beach so scratch that idea! Just have a safe time when you are down here. Take care Shaun

Anonymous said...

sounds like Max is spinning you a tale.

First of all, I have a bachelor's in Business Administration and it's a BS(bachelor's of Science) NOT a BA(Bachelor's of Art).

Second of all, the whole vague "some shit like that" tale about how he got a bachelor's out of the blue sounds like complete and utter bullshit. Anyone who's been through college and especially someone who's had to transfer credits between schools can see through that in a minute.

Third of all, $135,000 a year?! My God, that's such a ridiculous lie!
Even if, for the sake of argument, you get out of a pretty good university with a 4 year degree in Business, no one lands that kind of job making that kind of money right off the bat! Especially with a complete lack of professional experience and a lengthy rap sheet. It just doesn't happen!

Shaun, he's blowing smoke up your ass, mate...

Anonymous said...

Actually, you can have a BA in Business Administration. After 8 years in prison, he probably had quite a few credits under his belt.

Anonymous said...

There are loads of BA's in Business Admin.
Google it.
Max, where did you graduate from?


Anonymous said...


A quick search in google instantly provided a few schools where a BA in BA can be obtained, such as at Louis-National University, and California American University.

As for him making a fairy tale out of it, what would he benefit from it?

As for his credits, you have a point about what is non-transferrable, however we do not know what school/schools were administering/facilitating the courses. 8 years in prison is alot of time to accquire credits. Max's situation isn't unique, there are THOUSANDS of inmates who hold mulitple degrees in Correctional Centers.

Max said...

Hey this is Max,I feel I should reply to some comments posted. I received my first intial credits from Pima College in AZ. Then upon release I continued the last 15 credits for my degree at University of Phoenix here in Las Vegas. also I have 19 credits that were not accepted from UOP because it was various classes like building trades, some stupid stuff to kill the time. And to respond to the post of "My Lies" If you have a degree BSB/A you should know the average salary for thet degree is 75 to 160 thousand dollars for my particular field.
No I dont have years of experience but I do bring experience in other areas that contribute highly, For example I was in prison which automatically put's me as an independant thinker able to follow procedures,my ability to read bullshit and make an assesment about people and situations,negotiations and prdeicting the outcome 9 out of 10 times. And that I have been where I was shows my resilence in lifes situations,we all have crap thrown at us it's what you do with it that's determines your outcome.Full of shit I think not and in regards to my salary yes it is good paying,but I have earned it and bust my ass daily to complete my tasks. And here is the funny part about You have a degree it's bull you dont have one! You sound jealous my friend! Dont be mad because I have been to hell and back(Shaun was there he know's.)I'm very vague on some things for obvious reasons.
I'm far from perfect but because I have been where I was, I know the consequences better than most.
And to the guy in SD I would love to make a new friend there i'll be there the 28th to the 1st of sept. Your welcome to email me and set something up. I sublet a place by imperial beach about a block from the shore. You can email me here convictcreation@aol.com I set this up for a select few.
Sue, Thank you for your support I appreciate it. I promise I will do my best in giving back in whatever way I can to the society from which I have taken and received so much from. My circle of friends is small but they are all set in life and much older might I say.
To everybody who understands and is supportive of me thank you! I truly appreciate it.
I will be off parole shortly at that time I will either allow shaun to post a picture or better yet wait for it to go in his book which will truly be eyeopening to many. Till next time.

Ms. Long Island said...

Max, there are HATERS everywhere, just let it roll. Some people, for some reason, cannot keep an open mind to situations and things that are unfamiliar to them. People who have been in prison will always have a stereotype that precedes them and its because people are narrow-minded. I wish you all the best in your life. If you know Long Island, he sends his support as well. Let the haters motivate you to prove that not all convicts remain the same.

Ms. Long Island

Anonymous said...

Fucking awesome post Max! Hell yea, we could connect here in SD. I have a good circle of friends and everyone is well mannered and respected. A group of us old homeboys who were locked up too, but we keep it cool. Corona's and women a plenty, but no assholes or snobby girls. You'll be in good company homes. I'll touch base if the calendar is clear. Take care.

Thane Eichenauer said...

Q: Is there any chance Max will end up back in prison?
A: From the thirty five women noted above I would say my crystal ball says men do end up in prison due to a bad case of scorned woman syndrome.
Thane Eichenauer

Anonymous said...

Every university I've ever heard of requires that you finish at least half your degree (~60 credits) at that university to be awarded a degree from there.

You don't just roll in there, take 5 classes, get to transfer your credits and get a degree. Max's story is a load of BS.

For all the rubes who want to believe this story so badly just because it sounds so hopeful, here's PROOF that he's a liar, the University of Phoenix web site explicitly states it's transfer policy here, you can only transfer 52-72 credits:


Anonymous said...

"Pima College" is Pima Community College. Community colleges only offer classes up to the two year level. And even considering electives, there are more than 5 upper level business courses in any BA program.

They don't offer any of the equivalents to the higher level(300-400) business courses you take during your junior and senior years at a community college.

Also, anyone who's been to college knows that there are prerequisites to classes, you can't just take all your upper level courses at the same time, there's a sequence you have to follow.

I.E., you must take a 300 level finance and a 300 level accounting class before taking a 400 level business policy class(this is just an example).

I encourage those readers who have been through university to scrutinize Max's story and see the fallacies.

Max, your story about getting your bachelor's in BA is so full of holes. And with that lie shot down, the rest of your story falls down with it.

It would have been nice to get the real story.

Anonymous said...

Max, the average salary for someone starting with a bachelor's in business administration is not even close to what you quoted, no matter what field it may be in. Anyone can search google with the relevant search terms and see this. Here's one example:


Anonymous said...

I just got notified by shaun that some of you doubt me,that's fine your skeptics and that's understanding. I would be as well in your spot. If i were not in prison and heard a prisoners story of accomplishments i would say the same thing. Yes only some of my credits were transferred but if you look at the number of credits required for my degree you will see the math does not lie,dumbass do your research and dont use links from wikipedia it's useless. They do not have valid information nothing is confirmed! And your saying that i cant take any 300 or 400 classes from prison c'mon man before you doubt or knock me get the fact's straight I wish UOP would have let me transfer every credit i would damn near have my MBA by now.Also did you know you can clep out of some select classes? You spent so much time trying to find the errors you forgot the solutions,I pity you! And yes i make good money but you dont know my field of work either,or what i have brought to the company. For example someone with a bachelors in nursing may make more than someone with a bachelors in history. Come at me with actual claims to dispute man youwaste my time with your distractions,maybe you have low self esteem maybe you hate how your life turned out I dont know. i wish you the best though and i received your very hateful email thank you I needed a laugh. To everyone else all i can say is my story's with proof will be provided when released from incarceration(I.E. parole) For obvious reasons I would rather not be identified.Ohh yeah guess where I just came from Chicago yeah i'm a felon and i travel bet your gonna say that cant happen.

Anonymous said...

Where were there any wikipedia links? I only saw links to actual websites, including the University of Phoenix.

Also, a bachelor's degree takes approximately 120 credits. So, even if you transferred the maximum number of credits(52-72, as quoted on UOP website), your math still is pretty off. Also, universities rarely let people CLEP classes, and they don't let people CLEP upper level classes, as a rule.

And yes Max, you cannot take upper level classes at community college. Go take a look at PCC's website.

You didn't directly contest any of the points mentioned in the previous comments, particularly the one with the UOP link. Perhaps because they can't be contested.

You're trying to make it an issue of the heart where people don't want to believe you just because you were a prisoner. The reality of it is, people don't believe it simply because the facts don't stand up, not because of some malicious desire to denigrate your victory.

Hey Shaun, you in the market for a fact checker?

Anonymous said...

I think the comments to this post are interesting in that it's generated some rather polar responses.

I get the impression that the majority of the people who believe Max's story are carried away at a more emotional level by it.

Who wouldn't be? Max seems to be a nice easy going young guy who's been dealt a shitty hand, having to spend his young adulthood in prison.

When you hear such an inspiring rags to riches tale about how he persevered and turned things around for the better, it's hard not to be moved by it and respond pointedly to any comments that try and dispute the validity of it. It becomes an ideological and personal attack when someone tries to dispute it. "Who are you to say that someone can't make it just because he was in prison?"

For those of us in the states(and abroad for that matter), I think the past eight years with good ole Bush have shown us that it's important to be a cool customer and consider the facts rather than allowing our heart strings to be tugged and played like a harp.

Anonymous said...


UOP's Business Administration program is a Bachelor's of Science, not a Bachelor's of Arts.


Anonymous said...

Now that that's sorted out, time for the big question. Why did Max make up this ridiculous bloated lie?

Anonymous said...

This is Max,
So now i'm just lying wow I never disagreed that I could only transfer some of credits i have obtained while incarcerated,simply because your right.I had an A.A from Pima how many credits was that mr fact checker?
Plus various pointless classes that are offered through colleges and online courses that many prisoners take to lower their Instuitional courses.
So They a.a. after all said and done was 54 credits,plus the 9 elective credits they accepted.
so that total is what 63 that right so that leaves 57 credits for my BSB/A Never said it was a BA where did that come from?
Now with my Program when I was in it was BSB/A 023 Core Courses which left 57 credits and the courses below were classes that are needed to obtain the BSB/A
Of course I could not have not have taken some courses in prison such as,NV Constuition,Finance,Statistics,Political Science,A psychology course,and a marketing course which was not offered through the mail at the time I was in prison on what was available to prisoners.
So immediately upon release and I have been out over a year! Now something you forgot to mention from about UOP is that classes are condensed into 4 or 5 week schedules, So do the math on that.
Also I have 17 remaining college credits that cant be accepted through UOP such as building trades,Carpentry,Auto body, Counseling and a speech class. So maybe someday I can use those credits. Now as far as clepping out yes some colleges do allow that UOP for example does because their curriculm is towards the working individual. Ever hear of dantes? Nobody has sorted anything out at all just wasted my time and given a nice read. Did you know that you can take some random classes without actually having a major Just for the hell of it? And like I said my pay is high but I earn it and that payscale is probably accurate,I dont dispute that. I'll make a BET as the readers and the Internet is my
witness. If I'm lying and dont actually have my BSB/A and am not currently in my MBA program how about you pay my school loans when i'm finished? And you let me know what you would ask of me? Make a you tube video of me eating shit wearing underwear pink ones at that maybe?
For the ones that do believe me and the ones that know me thank you for being by my side. All the proof will either be in shauns book or posted when released from parole. Some peole make such a controversy out of everything damn grow up have some faith in people. You could tell me your black and i'll find evidence on the internet that says your white hell I'll probably locate a geneologist to go with me on it. And this only applies to some these stories shaun post are just to open the eyes and the hearts of some about what really happens in prison and he has had the oppurtunity to follow with me after getting released. And after all is said and done I DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS TOWARDS ME OR WHAT YOUR HEART SAY'S! I'm not a rags to riches story at all rather normal in fact the cost of gas and living is rather expensive you know. And my family helped me alot because they believed in me as well,I never grew up poor if you will but I know what it's like to be without and want something better. That's why the last two years I had goals and plans on what I wanted out of life and work towards it on the daily.True not many get to what they want to achieve out of life,but that is there is fault if you want something bad enough there is only two ways to get it 1.steal the bitch or 2. Work hadr as hell for it. I personally know stealing it is not the way to go so I work hard for it. Not all convicts are destined for impoverty and drug and or alcohol abuse some people want more,and the ones that have it know how hard it was to get it. And just for the record you know what i'm most proud of? It's not the money,car or house it's that people never know my past hard thing to change your pattern of thinking and living.Damn hard thing to do!
Till next time

Anonymous said...


In Shaun's original post and in your later comments, you say you "finished the last 15 credits of my degree at UOP".

It's been established by your statements and the documentation on their website, that's not possible as it takes 120 credits to obtain that degree and you can transfer no more than 52-72 credits.

You dig yourself deeper into your lie(MBA program now, huh), my friend(I'm waiting for further backpedaling).

You can't even keep your story straight(look over your posts).

Pink panties sound fine and I'd like to see that video ASAP.

Just a thought, here's a simple solution. Take a good quality picture of yourself(with your nice digital camera) holding your degree and send it to Shaun, let him verify it for everyone(lemme guess, your mom or parole officer has it because they love you so much).

Anonymous said...

That sounds just lovely I will send shaun a picture but of course he will be the only one to see it.
And if you would be so brave after it has been verified I expect you to eat my shit!

Anonymous said...

surprise, surprise, no response from Max.

Anonymous said...

This is Max, i'm back in town I sent shaun an email today I took a rather nice picture of myself with my degree you only wish you had. Just waiting to hear from shaun where he wants it sent to either his email or home. Let me know shaun. Ohh and if you tried to text I had my phone stolen but my line is up and running now.holla at me.
ohh and to the people who sent me emails thank you your so kind